Monday, April 26, 2010

One day left

Just over 24 hours remain for you to enter into the 2nd annual Voyageurs Cup Prediction pool. Details of the contest, including how to enter, are available via the link.

After 31 entries, though, a picture is starting to emerge of what kind of competition is being imagined by the esteemed readership of this blog. The picture is a muddled one, no doubt, but themes are beginning to emerge.

On who will win the competition, I cursorily went through the predictions and worked out which teams would be the winner if the results went as predicted in each entry. Who will win?

Winner #
Toronto 13
Vancouver 7
Montreal 7

The brighter ones among you will notice that 13, 7, and 7 don't sum up to 31, but several of the result sets produced ties and I was in no mood to wade through the tiebreakers.

As for the golden boot, the readers have predicted somewhat of a runaway leader:

Golden boot #
Dwayne De Rosario 12
Roberto Brown 4
O'Brian White 4
Marcus Haber 4
Peter Byers 3
Chad Barrett 2
Eddy Sebrango 1
Marlon James 1

It all gets started Wednesday night and I couldn't be more excited. I haven't found any betting odds yet for the match, but if you find any please let me know.


Jeff said...

Hey what's your email addy again. Not sure if you got my message on the Vs board. Anyway, I want to completely change my predictions. My email is I'll get it to you this evening if you send your addy.


Jeff (Tuscan)

J said...

J said...

For some reason, it still only says "1 comment" even though I replied. Hopefully this will bump it up and you notice.

If you notice too late, Tuscan, I'll accept any corrections tomorrow as well.