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Voyageurs Cup Matchday 1 Report

Just the facts:
Scoring Summary:
12' - Ty Harden
61' - Chad Barrett (Dwayne De Rosario)

23' - Sam Cronin (booked)
24' - Nevio Pizzolitto (booked)
34' - Julian de Guzman (booked)
35' - Roberto Brown (sent off)
45' - Adam Braz (booked)
56' - Dan Gargan (booked)
80' - Stefan Frei (booked)

1- Matt Jordan; 3- Adam Braz, 23- Stephen De Roux, 26- Cedric Jocqueviel, 5- Nevio Pizzolitto; 14- Tony Donatelli, 7- David Testo, 8- Filipe Soares (21- Philippe Billy 42), 11- Leonardo di Lorenzo (9- Rocco Placentino 65); 10- Roberto Brown, 28- Peter Byers (12- Eduardo Sebrango 68)

24- Stefan Frei; 12- Adrian Cann, 8- Dan Gargan, 20- Ty Harden (34- Raivis Hscanovics 18), 4- Nick Garcia (17- O'Brian White 39); 6- Julian de Guzman, 27- Gabe Gala, 2- Sam Cronin, 23- Jacob Peterson (21- Nick Labrocca 62); 19- Chad Barrett, 14- Dwayne De Rosario

Stupid headline: TFC makes Impact on Montreal (Toronto Star)
Terrible. Absolutely terrible headline writing. I hope Montreal changes its name when it enters MLS, if only to avoid such lazy garbage asthis.

The story in picture(s)

There were more of these than decent scoring chances last night.

Three paragraph analysis
This was one of the worst games of soccer I've ever watched. There a number of reasons for that. The officiating was atrocious. The Impact have an old team, and not in a good way. The Toronto FC scrubs are better than the Euro re-treads that the Impact have been stocking up on lately. I could go on. Full marks to Toronto for doing what they needed to, and full demerits to Roberto Brown for acting like a moron.

I want to comment briefly on the Roberto Brown-Nick Garcia clash. While I don't mean at all to excuse Brown's actions, I can see how he got all heated up. First, prior to the incident, Brown had been running around for 25 minutes of the first half bleeding from the mouth. The Sportsnet producers cut to this shot several times, but neither Gerry nor Craig saw fit to say anything about it. The bloody mess was the result of a rather careless Garcia elbow earlier in the proceedings. And on the incident itself, I think if Garcia had not been knocked cold he might have seen yellow himself, as he landed a quick jab before he suffered the 1-2 from Brown.

Quite frankly, I think the Impact might just be a bad team this year. Their talent is old, and in many cases (Filipe and Philippe) looking kind of pudgy and slow. Di Lorenzo is their only class player. If they intend on joining MLS in 2012 they will have to get younger and fitter. I wouldn't be surprised if Montreal struggles in D2 this year. The contrast between their approach and Vancouver's could not be starker.

One sentence thoughts
  • If the announced attendance (21,436, a Nutrilite record) was accurate, why did so many TFC fans spend a majority of the 90 minutes out of their seats?
  • Julian de Guzman has become an enigma: he hardly put a foot wrong, passing-wise, but clearly is a step or five slow when he tries to chase down a 50-50 ball or track an opponent.
  • Leo di Lorenzo has the most class on the Impact, by far, and would probably be the 3rd or 4th best player on most MLS lineups.
  • Adam Braz would be far more appreciated if he wasn't such an awkward looking fellow. He punked De Ro on several occasions and gets forward well.
  • The first TFC goal was surely Harden's, yet he gets his leg gashed open by De Ro, who also steals credit for the goal (Has the CSA been reading this blog? The goal has been changed to Harden).

Canadian content report

Looking at Montreal's lineup this year, it's hard to see them fielding Canadians for significant minutes. Only Braz and Pizzolitto are regular starters, while Placentino and Sebrango are often the first called from the bench.

TFC, on the other hand, are doing their part creating jobs for Canadian footballers, or pseudo-Canadian/Jamaican/not sure kinds of guys (OBW).

Adrian Cann 90
Julian de Guzman 90
Gabe Gala 90
Dwayne De Rosario 90
Total Mins 360

Adam Braz 90
Nevio Pizzolitto 90
Rocco Placentino 25
Total Mins 205

Edit 3 May 2010: I've decided my inclusion of O'Brian White and Eduardo Sebrango over the last several years in the "Canadian" lists has been somewhat arbitrary and inconsistent, and they will no longer be considered Canadian for this blog. In the case of OBW, he can join the Canadian ranks should he suit up for the MNT. Sebrango is a Canadian citizen, but does not have that option because of his previous affilation with Cuba.

The pool report
People who nailed week 1: Croft, zooko62000, Headhunting Canuck, Trevor Brooks, jloome, Chris, CanadianKid, Tuscan, dyslexic nam

All of the scores:

Difference Entries
0 Crofty, zooko62000, Headhunting Canuck, Trevor Brooks, jloome, Chris, CanadianKid, Tuscan
1 Scott P, icecoldbeer, Simon B, Keato, Spungi, soka, Sam, masster, Filipe, bbb, Lank, M@, Pompey Canuck, Elvis, J
2 Duane Rollins, Lord Bob, rmac, Jeremy, Sagacious Chew, John, morbital, Sigma, capsfan79, Heavy Red Flow
3 pejnam, Lennie, adriano
4 Casual Soccer Fan, Daniel, ATN LR

Nine people had the score exactly right, and not surprisingly these seem mostly to have been TFC fans, judging by their picks. The race for the lanterne rouge, the position that will decide the details of the prize, is also crowded. Thanks to all those who entered: I look forward to following this race as well.


Team W D L Pts
Toronto FC 1 0 0 3
Vancouver Whitecaps 0 0 0 0
Montreal Impact 0 0 1 0

Player Team Goals
Ty Harden
Toronto 1
Chad Barrett Toronto 1

Edit 3 May 2010: The first TFC goal has been officially awarded to Ty Harden. The scorers table has been updated to reflect this.

Next match: 5 May 2010: Montreal Impact @ Vancouver Whitecaps

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