Saturday, May 15, 2010

Voyageurs Cup matchday 3: Just the numbers

Toronto FC won on Wednesday. It's hard now to imagine any other outcome than TFC winning the whole thing. Montreal needed to win to have any chance, and Vancouver surely would have been hoping for Toronto to drop points.

With that said, it's been a busy week and a busier weekend looms, so we'll serve up the numbers only this time around.

Canadian content

Matchday 3
Nevio Pizzolitto 90
Rocco Placentino 70
Simon Gatti 21
Total Mins 181

Nana Attakora 90
Adrian Cann 90
Julian de Guzman 90
Gabe Gala 90
Dwayne De Rosario 79
Total Mins 439

Montreal's Canadian content in the tournament, and the season overall, has been the lowest of any team in the last two years.

Several people nailed the 1-0 scoreline. But only CanadianKid can claim the distinction of having nailed each of the first three matches. The table is beginning to shake itself out.

Difference Entries
0 CanadianKid
1 Crofty, jloome
2 Simon B, icecoldbeer, Chris, dsylexic nam
3 Duane Rollins, J, Pompey Canuck, Tuscan, M@, zooko26000, Headhunting Canuck, Lank, masster, Trevor Brooks, capsfan79, Scott P
4 bbb, Filipe, soka, Spungi,
5 Heavy Red Flow, pejnam, Keato, John, Sagacious Chew, rmac, Jeremy
6 Lord Bob, Elvis, adriano, Daniel, Sigma, Sam
7 Lennie, morbital
8 Casual Soccer Fan, ATN_LR

Bold prediction: the winner will come from someone currently in the 0-3 positions.


ATN LR said...

I think you got the Impact's canadian content wrong. I think the right numbers are:

Nevio Pizzolitto 90
Rocco Placentino 70
Simon Gatti 21
Eduardo Sebrango 20

Jeremy said...

You left me out!

Casual Soccer Fan said...

Haha, the red lantern will be mine!

That's what I get for submitting my picks a month before the tourney starts. Far too hasty!

M@ said...

Woo hoo! I still have a chance!

J said...

Jeremy, I thought I had included your score. Will fix this evening.

ATN_LR, thanks also for your correction. I've changed my Canadian-counting since the beginning of the year and Sebrango no longer qualifies (not MNT-eligible). O'Brian White of TFC is not being included either for the same reason. I do need to fix the other numbers though.

Clearly in my haste to get out camping I did not take the usual care.

CSF, the lanterne rouge isn't so bad... You get to pick the scarf for the winner, after all.

M@, you're still in with a shot, but barely. I highly doubt if anybody at 4 or worse will win, as there are simply too many people above them. 3 is really the edge of likely.

But good luck to all!