Thursday, May 27, 2010

Voyageurs Cup matchday 5 report: TFC are Champions

Congratulations to Toronto FC and its fans, who are repeat winners of the Voyageurs Cup, thanks to a 1-1 draw between Montreal and Vancouver last night. Better match reports are to be found below, but here are some of the important details and numbers:

Just the facts

Scoring Summary:
50' - VAN - Ansu Toure (Nelson Akwari)
62' - MON - Philippe Billy (Eduardo Sebrango)

Vancouver Whitecaps FC
1.Jay Nolly; 77.Zurab Tsiskaridze, 2.Nelson Akwari, 14.Greg Janicki, 8.Wes Knight (99.Ricardo Sanchez 76'); 16.Ansu Toure (22.Takashi Hirano 68'), 7.Martin Nash, 3.Luca Bellisomo, 19.Justin Moose (18.Doudou Toure 64'); 24.Marcus Haber, 39.Cornelius Stewart

Montreal Impact
22.Srdjan Djekanovic; 21.Philippe Billy, 2.Hicham Aaboubou, 16.Stefano Pesoli, 3.Adam Braz; 6.Tyler Hemming (28.Peter Byers 57'); 8.Filipe Soares (23.Stephen deRoux 45'), 14.Tony Donatelli (15.Patrick Leduc 75'); 11.Leonardo Di Lorenzo, 9.Rocco Placentino; 12.Eduardo Sebrango

Stupid headline: Another bitter Nutrilite pill for Caps (Vancouver Sun)
I know headline writers aren't ones to resist easy puns, but I've got much respect for a guy who makes a sly dietary supplement reference.

One sentence thoughts
  • The Nutrilite matches were a tough sell in all three cities this year, but the Impact crowd was respectable.
  • Thank goodness we've seen the last of those horrendous pink jerseys.
  • Vancouver were the better team on the night and were lucky not to score one or two more, but still could have showed more.
  • One wonders who Vancouver will bring with them to MLS.
  • Quite the debut for 18-year old Doudou Toure, who looked the most dangerous player in his time on the pitch.
  • Congrats to TFC, Canadian champions for the second year running. Let's hope they do better in the CONCACAF Champions League than last year's embarrassing first round exit against Puerto Rico.

Canadian content report

In the same way that this match was light on quality finishing, it was also light on Canadian content. Vancouver only fielded three Canadian players in total, and Montreal did little better.

Matchday 5
Srdjan Djekanovic 90
Adam Braz 90
Tyler Hemming 57
Rocco Placentino 90
Patrick Leduc 15
Total Mins 342

Luca Bellisomo 90
Martin Nash 90
Marcus Haber 90
Total Mins 270

In terms of overall Canadian content, this year's edition of the NCC will be the scantiest.

The pool report
A fair number of entries had the correct 1-1 scoreline, but the overall race is where the real interest lies. The race for the top promises to be exciting, as does the lanterne rouge contest. Reminder: the last placed finisher will pick the team scarf to be awarded to the overall winner. Lank is the guy (I'm assuming) in the pole position right now:

Difference Entries
3 Lank
4 jloome, Simon B, CanadianKid, dyslexic nam
5 Pompey Canuck, Crofty, M@
6 zooko26000, Headhunting Canuck, John, masster, Keato, Scott P, Chris
7 Duane Rollins, J, Jeremy, Tuscan, Filipe, Trevor Brooks, capsfan79, Spungi, icecoldbeer
8 soka, pejnam
9 rmac, Elvis, Casual Soccer Fan, Sagacious Chew, bbb, adriano, Lennie
10 Lord Bob, Daniel, Sam, Heavy Red Flow
12 morbital, Sigma


Team W D L Pts
Toronto FC 2 1 0 7
Vancouver Whitecaps 0 3 0 3
Montreal Impact 0 2 2 2

Player Team Goals
Dwayne de Rosario Toronto 1
Ty Harden
Chad Barrett Toronto 1
Marcus Haber Vancouver 1
Peter Byers Montreal 1
Ansu Toure Vancouver 1
Philippe Billy Montreal 1

Next match: 2 June 2010: Vancouver Whitecaps @ Toronto FC


Anonymous said...

De Ro only has one goal the other was given to Harden.

Looks like another failed year in the pool for me :(

J said...

You're right, of course. Let's hope there's no tie for first overall, as a 7-way tie for the golden boot won't help settle things.

I guess there are the other tiebreakers.

Thanks for the correction.