Thursday, June 03, 2010

Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool: Final Standings

Just like the tournament itself, this year's edition of the NCC/V-Cup pool didn't need to rely upon any arcane or arbitrary tie-breaking methods. While most of us ended up in the 9-10 differential range, there was a clear separation at the top and the bottom.

Congratulations to our winner, Lank. Also deserving of being singled out, though for the opposite reason, is morbital, who captured the lanterne rouge.

As you may recall, the arrangement was that the winner should receive a scarf of the loser's choosing, from any of the 3 teams, or the CSA store. However, I haven't found an online location to buy Whitecaps gear -- can anybody help me out with this?

So morbital, get in touch. I have Lank's contact info, and I'd surmise from his location details that he's a TFC fan. So would you rather subject him to an Impact or 'Caps decorative?

The final standings:

Difference Entries
4 Lank
5 jloome, Simon B
6 CanadianKid
7 Chris
8 Tuscan, M@, masster
9 Duane Rollins, J, Jeremy, Crofty, zooko26000, Headhunting Canuck, Filipe, John, Spungi, Keato, icecoldbeer, Scott P
10 Pompey Canuck, Sagacious Chew, bbb, adriano, Daniel, Trevor Brooks, capsfan79
11 Lord Bob, Elvis, Casual Soccer Fan, pejnam, Heavy Red Flow
12 rmac, Sam, soka
13 Lennie, ATN_LR
14 Sigma
16 morbital

P.S. It seems as a collective we've grown to understand these teams and this tournament. Last year, the winning score was 10, and the bottom was 19.

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I'm slowly moving up the standings by this rate I'll be the 2017 OOT Voyageurs Cup pool champion