Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stephen Hart irks English football club

Well as it is mostly quiet on the Canadian front these days, as all eyes are on the world stage a little byline of a story came across my eyes over here in the UK. As luck would have it Canadian international Terry Dunfield, who recently took part in the matchups down in South America has been playing for Shrewsbury Town who are currently in League Two in the UK.

New manager Graham Turner of Shrewsbury Town is currently set to lose Terry Dunfield this summer and it is all thanks to Stephen Hart. According to Mr. Turner, Terry was told by Stephen Hart, that in order for him to play for the Canadian squad in the future he needs to find himself a more competitive place to play than with Shrewsbury Town who are competing in England's League Two.

Terry will clearly now have to find a new place to play as he has ticked off manager Graham Turner, who had this to say about Terry. "I was far from happy with the player basically implying League Two football was not good enough for him."

So you be the judge, is Stephen Hart meddling going to make it any easier for him to get players released from clubs, or does he have the best interest for his players going forward. One thing is for sure, I do not see Shrewsbury Town singing any Canadians in their future.

Enjoy the World Cup all.

Thanks to bbc for the info


J said...

Thanks for posting this. Interesting news and, as you can see, I've been rather quiet around these parts lately. Too wrapped up in the Oranje, end of school year, and marathon relay running.

Jeremy said...

Big deal if they're not going to sign canadians. Theres like a 100 other teams in England. But seriously, I hope Terry does not end up jobless for the next season because of Hart... Clearly he was never in the plans of the MNT, can't really see how he would be if he moved from League Two to League One...