Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All-Canadian omnibus post

A few Canadian-related items, together worthy of a post:

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I used to obsess over rankings and formulas and the tremendous inadequacy of FIFA's system. No longer. I now take FIFA's men's national team ranking for what it is: a flawed system, but one that ultimately affects the path Canada must travel to qualify for the World Cup by determining seedings.

For that reason, it is worth noting that Canada remains in the triple-digits overall, sliding down one place from 100 to 101, in the new rankings released today.

Canada remains 9th among nations in CONCACAF.

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The Vancouver Whitecaps announced a bevy of signings yesterday, but the man who seems to have captured the attention of the Voyageurs bloggerati is the recently-capped Terry Dunfield, one-time Man City wunderkind, England lower-division journeyman, and general man about town.

Two posts on the matter:

And from Eighty Six Forever, which has risen from the ashes of Maple Leaf Forever, a less favourable reaction: The Whitecaps add four (but are they any good?)

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The upcoming September friendlies in Toronto and Montreal, against Peru and Honduras respectively, apparently aren't selling that well. The CSA has produced a video, which has the length and the look of a TV-spot, promoting the matches. Expect it to come to a Saturday morning EPL broadcast near you.

Or if French is more you bag (or should I say sac?), try the language-of-love version.

And buy tickets for the matches, of course.


Jeff said...

Geez that news regarding the Nats games sucks. What the hell, people. The World Cup just finishes, and everyone completely forgets about the excitement? Mind you, to some, some of the games were utter boring shite, and so maybe it was a detriment to the efforts of getting them out to the stadium for a Nats game.

Wonder what percentage of the TFC supporters are going to come out for Peru... cheering for Canada mind you. We already know Montreal is a lost cause (why the HELL would they do it again??!!)

J said...

I'll admit I won't be that bothered if we don't get rabid Canadian crowds at both games. The three things that matter in these friendlies, in order of importance, are:

1. Results
2. Player identification and team cohesion
3. Ticket sales

If those ticket sales are paid out of the pocket of a bunch of Hondurans from New Jersey, who am I to complain, as long as the CSA gets to pad their bank account a little bit.

That said, when WCQ rolls around, both cities need to step up big time and I expect that they will.

Headhunting Canuck said...

Best part of the whole Terry Dunfield saga to start the year is as follows. Shrewsbury Town, the team he chooses not to play for has for some odd reason been on a good winning streak to start the year. Maybe they will hit League 1, and well that is just about on par with the MLS sadly. Oh well, the Whitecaps can enjoy him and he will continue to never make it on the Canadian squad.