Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scoring goals, winning hearts

I don't normally take the time to draw attention to the performances of our Canadian players plying their trade abroad. While I do spend a good deal of time checking matching reports and scores from obscure leagues and lower divisions, this is an unhealthy obsession and I don't wish to spread it.

Still, now and then a performance deserves to be recognized. And speaking of unhealthy obsessions, that's just what the boys at some canadian guys have regarding Simeon Jackson, who scored his first goal yesterday for Norwich in the English Championship (or, if they used a proper nomenclature, the second division). While that alone is an impressive achievement, the goal should be seen to be fully appreciated. Here it is:

This is the type of goal that we see all to rarely from our Canadian strikers. I have been underwhelmed with Mr Jackson's performances to date for Canada, but if he can bring this form to Toronto and Montreal for the matches against Peru and Honduras, he'll have a good chance to adding to his Canada account, which currently stands at 1 goal.

Speaking of goals . . .
  • Canada's active leading goal-getter finally opened his season account for Montreal yesterday, and then added two more, earning him the first hat trick in team history. All in the first half no less. You could watch the highlights, but I should warn you that there is no sound and the video features hideous football lines on a plastic pitch. View at your peril.
  • Speaking of goals coming in bunches, Dutch striker Johan Voskamp had quite the debut for his new team, Sparta Rotterdam in the Dutch second division. In a 12-1 (!) win over newly promoted Almere City, Voskamp banged in 8 (!!) goals, more than he scored all of last season with RKC Waalwijk.
  • Moving up one tier in Holland, the Eredivisie yesterday saw the 50,000th goal of its history scored, by Ajax (who else?!). The goal was scored by Mounir el Hamdaoui, his second of the match. The two goals, along with another by Luis Suarez, gave Ajax a 3-0 win over Roda JC.
All of this Dutch content is a hint that you should really be thinking about your picks for this year's Eredivisie contest. There are only two entries so far, one my own, which really isn't enough for me to bother. El Hamdaoui is currently 2nd in the scoring race to PSV's Olla Toivonen, while the usual favourites are starting to migrate to the top of the table.

Contest deadline is Labour Day, September 6th.


Tuffy said...


Your video has been taken down.

J said...

Too bad, though it was only a matter of time. Hopefully most people have already seen the finish as it really was of quality.