Friday, August 27, 2010

Winnipeg mayor kicks kid in the face

Briefly, this week, I had the chance to enjoy two of my passions simultaneously: soccer, and ragging on my fair city's fairly useless mayor, Sam Katz. It all happened because of one swift kick to a little black kid's face:

It first appeared on the late local news of the Global affiliate. Nobody watches late local news, of course, so it was not until the next morning when it appeared on a local blog that the video went viral, as much as anything that happens in Winnipeg can.

Since then it is has been used as the inspiration for a couple of US-style attack ad parodies, but my favourite use of the clip is in a montage of soccer's finest kicks to the face, including Dutchmen on the giving and receiving end (both from this summer's World Cup). So if the memories of that tournament are already beginning to fade, or you just like seeing people get kicked in the face, do watch.

Note to politicians: When you're playing against children, take it easy!


Lord Bob said...

And in a surprise development, Tom Soehn and the Vancouver Whitecaps have signed Katz to a contract.

Headhunting Canuck said...

If only he could kick tax rises and drugs to the curb like he did to that poor kid's face.

J said...

Lord Bob: The Whitecaps can have him. Please take him, in fact.

HH: Actually, his refusal to raise taxes have bankrupted city coffers and have lead to our crumbling infrastructure. But this is no politics blog so I shouldn't say too much more.

Headhunting Canuck said...

Hmmm that explains why the last time I was in Winnipeg, about a year ago, I thought that the city centre for the most part looked like a gigantic mess. But yes enough about politics. Did I mention I've now suckered myself into watching a Conference National Game in the UK. I figure the next step has to be a blue square north game. Though I must admit if you can get 3000 people out to a game it is much like a junior B game in Canada.