Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FIFA rankings: October

It seems wrong to be paying close attention to the release every month of FIFA's national team rankings. Yet I find myself in that very uncomfortable position, because it is very likely that these statistically quite imperfect ratings will bring themselves to bear on Canada's fortunes in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup.

In short, it is important that Canada maintains a good ranking. For that reason, this month's move from 88 to 83 overall, is a good thing not to be written off as insignificant. (If you click through on the link to the CBC story, you'll find a picture of Dwayne De Rosario, a man who hasn't contributed to a Canada win in over two years).

Of greater importance is Canada's position in CONCACAF. And there is good news on that front as well. Although we remain 7th in that table, Canada is far closer (a mere 5 points, in fact!) to leapfrogging Jamaica for 6th than dropping into 8th or worse. A quick look:

RankingZonal RankingTeamPts
Oct 10
+/- Ranking
Sep 10
+/- Pts
Sep 10
251USA USA838-7Down-61
282Mexico Mexico7860Equal-9
543Honduras Honduras540-2Down-25
594Panama Panama51511Up28
665Costa Rica Costa Rica490-13Down-71
796Jamaica Jamaica412-3Down-13
837Canada Canada4075Up47
988Guyana Guyana33022Up148
1069Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago302-9Down-25
10710Barbados Barbados28714Up107
11311Suriname Suriname26124Up128
11412El Salvador El Salvador245-4Down-8
12113Cuba Cuba218-8Down0
12214Guatemala Guatemala214-7Down0

(Yes, I left out more than half the teams in the confederation. They are not good).

So, even if I can't find the time or motivation to post about anything else in the next month, you can expect a rankings update sometime on or soon after November 17th, when the next edition comes out).

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