Saturday, October 09, 2010

Sometimes it's ok to be wrong

Here's what I wrote last week about yesterday's friendly against Ukraine:

Let's face it. Canada will probably lose this match against Ukraine. The U (this will catch on) will be bringing their big guns as they prepare for Euro 2012
[. . .]
While I'm not hopeful of a result in this match, it sure would be nice. FIFA points and all that.

Imagine, then, my pleasant surprise at learning of yesterday's 2-2 draw in Kyiv. I didn't watch the match, naturally, but I've heard good things, especially about my new favourite player (because he is playing in a Dutch-speaking country, mostly) Atiba Hutchinson.

He scored a sweet goal, as you'll see from the match highlights, and was an all-around badass midfielder.

By the way, is this news headline about the friendly match not mildly racist? Canada: Close, but no perogy

And another day later ... FIFA gives Canada some love, calling the Ukraine result the "Surprise of the day" (that is, they too are surprised we didn't get spanked), and on a day where Luis Suarez scored 3, naming Atiba Hutchinson the player of the day.

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