Saturday, October 09, 2010

Whither De Ro

Recent results are beginning to confirm already held suspicions of some that Canada might be better without Dwayne De Rosario in the team. It's no coincidence that a lot of this has come up after the recent controversy surrounding his classless cheque-signing gesture for TFC, and that team's lack of performance during his time there.

But why debate when you can look at the numbers. Here they are:

Date Opponent For Against Result
With De Ro
04/09/10 Peru 0 2 loss
25/05/10 Argentina 0 5 loss
10/09/08 Mexico 1 2 loss
06/09/08 Honduras 1 2 loss
20/08/08 Jamaica 1 1 draw
20/06/08 St Vincent 4 1 win
15/06/08 St Vincent 3 0 win
31/05/08 Brazil 2 3 loss
26/03/08 Estonia 0 2 loss
30/01/08 Martinique 1 0 win

Averages 1.3 1.8

Record (W-D-L) 3-1-6

Without De Ro
08/10/10 Ukraine 2 2 draw
07/09/10 Honduras 2 1 win
29/05/10 Venezuela 1 1 draw
31/01/10 Jamaica 0 1 loss
18/11/09 Poland 0 1 loss
14/11/09 Macedonia 0 3 loss
18/07/09 Honduras 0 1 loss
10/07/09 Costa Rica 2 2 draw
07/07/09 El Salvador 1 0 win
03/07/09 Jamaica 1 0 win
30/06/09 Guatemala 3 0 win
30/05/09 Cyprus 1 0 win
19/11/08 Jamaica 0 3 loss
15/10/08 Mexico 2 2 draw
11/10/08 Honduras 1 3 loss
04/06/08 Panama 2 2 draw

Averages 1.13 1.38

Record (W-D-L) 5-5-6

Some interesting things happened while I put together this list. I was initially going to count back 10 matches with and 10 matches without De Rosario, but while the "Without De Ro" list grew pretty quickly, the "With De Ro" list only had the Argentina and Peru matches for the longest time. For a guy considered by some to be a fixture of our national team program, it seems a bit odd that De Rosario has only played in 2 of our last 16 matches.

The record is clearly better without De Ro. However, it would be unfair to Dwayne if we didn't point out that two of the losses with him in the lineup were against Brazil and Argentina. On the other hand, it is only fair to point out that none of the 3 wins were against a team ranked in the top 100. Take away those results, and it doesn't look so good.

There are lots of external variables and you may wish to draw your own conclusions. And I have already.


Duane Rollins said...

Canada does not have ANYWHERE near the depth to write off a player like DeRo.

And Canada doesn't have a hell of a lot of wins period over the last few years, period.

J said...

I think he has a future, but in the role many are beginning to suggest: late substitute. From a tactical point of view, it is difficult to see him fitting in anywhere else in Hart's system.

From a team chemistry standpoint, I think one has to be careful.

Grant said...

Agreed. There's a difference between writing him off and not including him as a guaranteed starter.

If Hart continues with 4-3-3 or whatever, with two defensive mids, I can't see DeRo starting ahead of Jackson or Simpson wide up front, or ahead of Atiba as an attacking mid. Maybe he can reinvent himself as a centre forward?

Anonymous said...

When De Ro plays a more disciplined role as a winger (like he did on the left at GC 07, games which aren't included in your stats assessement), he and the team did well. When he's afforded a free lance attacking role with the MNT as he is at MLS (where he floats everywhere on the pitch), he's underachieved.

He's too much of a "me" guy to accept a role as a late game sub. I think he'll "take his ball and go home" instead of answer a call up.