Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Bonjour", "au revoir", and "fuck off"

Tomasz Radzinski: Man of few words?

I love Tomasz Radzinski. I think he's Canada's best player of the last two decades. It's a crying shame that we lost several years of his prime because of his falling out with Holger. I still remember his talisman-like performance in a no-hope qualifying match against Mexico in Edmonton in '08.

Radzinski's shining shirtless moment.

He's still playing at a high level, and if I was in Stephen Hart's shoes I'd call him up in a second for the next important Canada match.

All of which serves to make this story even crazier. In the article (get your google translate on if you're not Dutch-literate), Radz claims he could have ended up in hospital if not for his quick reaction after a training ground dust-up with a Lierse teammate.

Tomasz' version of events.

"Ik riep tijdens een partijtje naar Nicaise dat hij zijn man moest volgen. En ja, daar heb ik een "fucking hell" aan toegevoegd", vertelt Radzinski.

"Daarop viel Nicaise me aan, hij sloeg en schopte me. Ik schrok me rot, er zat ongelofelijk veel woede in hem. Als ik niet was uitgeweken en Eric Van Meir niet zo'n sterke jongen was, zat ik nu niet hier, maar in het ziekenhuis."

"Het was de allereerste keer dat ik iets tegen Nicaise zei, voordien hadden we nooit problemen. Excuses heb ik van hem niet gekregen en die verwacht ik ook niet."

In English
I yelled at Nicaise [the other combatant] during a scrimmage that he had to follow his man. And yes, I added a "fucking hell" as well", says Radzinski.

"Then Nicaise attacked me, he hit and kicked me. I was scared, as he was unbelievably angry. If I hadn't gotten out of the way, and if [Lierse manager] Eric van Meir wasn't such a strong guy, I wouldn't be here but in hospital."

"It was the first time I'd ever said anything to Nicaise, we've never had problems before. He hasn't apologized to me, nor do I expect him to.
Craziness. I prefer Nicaise's more concise version of events. He admits he reacted in the wrong way, but also had the following to say about Radzinski:
Sinds ik op Lierse ben, zei hij nog maar drie woorden tegen mij: "Bonjour, au revoir en fuck off"
Since I've been at Lierse, Radzinski's only said three things to me: "Bonjour", "au revoir", and "fuck off".
He goes on to criticize Radzinski's attitude, and his feeling of superiority for having played with some big clubs.

A Radzinski Christmas card.

I don't think anyone would try to claim that Radzinski doesn't have a chip on his shoulder, and I'm sure he wasn't blameless in this situation. That's why I love him, though. Canada's men's team has suffered from complacency from it's supposed stars, and a guy not afraid to get in your grill might just be what the doctor ordered.

In any case, Lierse can be thankful that Radzinski was spared, as he is in the starting XI the next day. The 30-year old Nicaise was not dressed.

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Lord Bob said...

One day, a young boy went to Tomasz Radzinski and said "oh great Tomasz, will I grow up to be as great a player as you?"

Tomasz said "fuck off!"

The young boy went home and contemplated the zen of Tomasz. Within that wisdom, he found the strength to push himself on to greatness.

That boy's name? Lionel Messi.

Radz is god.