Saturday, November 06, 2010

Canada qualifies for World Cup!

Sure, I'd be far more excited to get the chance to use this same post title in about three year's time if the men were to qualify, but I probably have not often enough on this blog celebrated the consistent excellence of our country's women's program.

Canada qualified for the World Cup with a 4-0 win last night against Costa Rica, and will face Mexico (stunning winners against USA in the other semi-final) for the right to be called CONCACAF Champions.

There are far better sources if you want details about players, coaches, and the team in general. I just want to point out to those of you that care that you can watch the match against Costa Rica on-demand on the CBC website. We don't often get to see Canada winning match sending the team to a World Cup, so get it while you can.


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Jeff said...

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J said...

Jeff, I don't even know what that is. So likely no. Also, "contributing regularly" isn't really my style, as you can see if you check the date-stamps of my posts.