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Bloggin' 2010: Giving the people more of what they want

Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. (Matt. 13:12)

Below are the 10 most read posts on the blog in 2010. Looking back, it's not always immediately clear why, but often the increased readership had to do with getting linked on a more popular Canadian soccer blog like the 24th minute or The Score's Footy Blog.

Other times, events well beyond my control conspired to send readers my way. For instance, a 2009 post I made about the Holger Osieck era got a few hundred hits in the hours following the announcement that he would be taking over as Australia manager.

As the parable seems to suggest, the rich get richer. So give thes posts a few more hits and see what made them so immensely popular (as in, they got several hundred page views instead of several dozen!)

#10: Honduras roster for Canada friendly (20 August 2010)

Just the facts, and not really any Canada content, although the vagaries of search algorithms meant a lot of people searching impatiently for Canada's roster (a late release, as usual) found this Honduras lineup instead.

#9: Gerbage goals (19 March 2010)

My defense of Ali Gerba's Canada scoring record, it also featured a typical swipe at De Rosario. Got the link treatment from the Footy Blog, BC Soccer Web and the 24th minute, so it must have struck a chord with some.

#8: Stephen Hart irks English football club (20 June 2010)

I didn't even write this post. Occasional contributor Headhunting Canuck contributed this one, which might otherwise have flown under the radar in the midst of the World Cup. Hart pissed off Shrewsbury Town manager Graham Turner by implying League Two wasn't good enough for Terry Dunfield if he wanted to be considered for Canada. Seeing as Terry shipped out soon after for Vancouver and will feature in MLS next year, it looks like things worked out as well as they could have.

#7: Winnipeg mayor kicks kid in face (27 August 2010)

The title more or less says it all. The video went viral (original news clip no longer available due to copyright claim) and I still get searchers from all around the world stumbling on this post. Katz won a third term as mayor in October so it didn't hurt him too badly.

#6: On geographic isolation (1 September 2010)

Probably the longest post in 2010, my magnum opus on how hard it is to be a supporter of Canadian soccer in this city. Problem should be alleviated somewhat by the recent WSA Winnipeg announcement. Again I should thank the blogs who enjoyed the post and sent traffic my way.

#5: CONCACAF Champions League: Records by country (11 March 2010)

A poor man's UEFA coefficient, I compared the records of the participating countries in the CONCACAF Champions League. Canada ranks well, largely on the strength of Montreal's impressive run in the inaugural tournament.

#4: Atiba Hutchinson to PSV (22 April 2010)

2010 was the Year of Atiba, with Hutch winning Canadian Player of the Year and the Denmark Superliga Player of the Year. His summer move to the Eredivisie was also major news, it would appear.

#3: Canadians making an impression in Germany (30 August 2010)

This was mainly an excuse to post video of the Offenbach supporters section going nuts singing for then-red hot striker Olivier Occean.

#2: CONCACAF Champions League: Records by country (reprise: 22 October 2010)

See #5 above, this time updated to include all matches to the end of the 2010-11 group stage. Canada continued to rank well, as Toronto's performance in the tournament's 3rd edition was much better than their two-leg bed-shitting against Puerto Rico in year 2.

#1: Nutrilite Canadian Championship pool (31 March 2010)

The 2nd annual prediction league for the Canadian championship was even popular than the first edition, with a total of 38 entries. The format switch for 2011 will make running the contest more difficult and will almost certainly result in a tie for the win, but rest assured that the contest will carry on in some form.

Thanks for reading in 2010. I hope you'll continue to follow updates in 2011.

Allez les rouges!

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