Friday, December 31, 2010

Eredivisie contest: Winterstop update

The Dutch top flight is on hiatus until January 21st. No time like the present, then, to update the standings in this year's Eredivisie prediction contest. For the uninitiated, the contest is simple:
  • entrants selected two Eredivisie teams and two players
  • entrants receive one point for each point gained by their chosen teams in the standings
  • entrants receive two points for each goal scored by their chosen players
It's a small operation this year with five entries, and at present the table looks like this:

Ottawa Sports Guy
PSV 41 Mounir el Hamdouai (Ajax) 11
Feyenoord 20 Bas Dost (Heerenveen) 7

Ajax 35 Luis Suarez (Ajax) 7
PSV 41 Mounir el Hamdouai (Ajax) 11

TOTALS (PTS + GOALS x 2) 112
PSV 41 Ola Toivonen (PSV) 11
Ajax 35 Luis Suarez (Ajax) 7

TOTALS (PTS + GOALS x 2) 112
Headhunting Canuck
PSV 41 Ola Toivonen (PSV) 11
Ajax 35 Mounir el Hamdouai (Ajax) 11

TOTALS (PTS + GOALS x 2) 120
Twente 37 Bryan Ruiz (Twente) 7
PSV 41 Ola Toivonen (PSV) 11

TOTALS (PTS + GOALS x 2) 114

I cautioned against selecting World Cup hero/villain Luis Suarez before the season because of the probability that he would be transferred during the January transfer window. And while he has gone on record requesting a Spain transfer, and has also been connected with an Arsenal move (he must love that red and white shirt), the bigger problem to this point has been the 7-match suspension he received for an over-zealous Tyson-esque bite he took out of the competition:

Nobody foresaw that the unlikely-named Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Russian journeyman Dmitri Boelykin, or Bjorn Vleminckx, would be topping the goal scoring charts at the midway point, and the Ottawa Sports Guy almost certainly didn't expect that Feyenoord would be this awful, though it certainly is gratifying.

If you haven't already, start following the Eredivise: it's like all the other big European leagues, but without defending!

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