Monday, December 13, 2010

WSA Winnipeg joins PDL

MEDIA RELEASE: WSA Winnipeg Joins USL Premier Development League

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – WSA Winnipeg will become the newest member of the United Soccer Leagues Premier Development League, it was announced today. Beginning in the 2011 season, WSA Winnipeg will play a 16-game schedule between the months of May-August, with stadium and tryout information to be announced at a later date.

The video is chill-inducing. Almost entirely because of the Sigur Ros track, but I got goosebumps nonetheless.

Other reporting/commentary:
Interesting bits from the Sun article:
  • the team is aiming to attract 2,000 fans a game
  • at least to start, they plan on fielding a lineup made up of only local players
  • the team is hoping to host an exhibition game against the Vancouver Whitecaps (possibly a reserve side?)
Which reader comment from the Free Press blurb is more ridiculous? Your choices:

Give it a whirl, 'HopingtoMoveOn':
Considering how many kids now play soccer the sport is definitely catching on. However, this year's World Cup was a bit of an embarrassment with all the diving and we can only hope this league is stricter on cheating than they are at the international level.
Your opponent? The cryptically named '29':
It'll be as popular as football in Europe...aka NFL Europe, or the WLAF.
Winnipeg will compete in a division with Thunder Bay, Springfield (Ill.), Des Moines, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Colorado, which makes for a reasonable travel situation, consideration Winnipeg's geographic isolation.


Jamie said...

Ok, so they went with the respectable acronym name, fair enough. I still like Peggers as an unofficial-type nickname. Think of the possible songs from the 2000 faithful. Can't you just hear a mass of 'HopingtoMoveOn's chanting "We don't want to losey Peggers, We want a winny Peggers".
What, No?
I'll grant them kudos for the great intro video. Can't go wrong with Sigur Ros.

jonathan said...

I imagine some sort of fan based nickname will emerge. "WSA Winnipeg" is a bit unwieldy, and "WSA" doesn't say a whole lot. Perhaps something based on the jersey which, if the crest is anything to go by, will feature red and white vertical stripes.

Anonymous said...

this is great for the winnipeg soccer community. We need to get on board and make this a success. All you soccer fans in Winnipeg, get your kids out to the games and watch some great soccer. We all know kids love soccer, so take the time to spend $15 and enjoy beautiful professional soccer. Lets do this guys.

J said...

Your tone and message sounds very insider-y. Is the $15 ticket price something we can take to the bank? Sounds reasonable enough.

CasualSoccerFan said...

That video is fantastic.

Better than media FC Edmonton has put out so far...