Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thoughts of a Sunday morning

Before rolling out of bed this morning, I first rolled on to my side, turned on my computer, and tracked down a stream for the Eredivisie match between PSV and Roda JC Kerkrade. I was particularly interested to watch freshly-minted 2010 Canadian Player of the Year Atiba Hutchinson, who was getting the start in midfield after playing much of the season as a right-back.

Atiba did just fine in a holding role, and his league-leading PSV were 3-1 winners. But a few other thoughts emerged during the course of proceedings:
  • The match was played in what passes as winter in that part of the world. The pitch was clear, but it was snowing and about -5 C in Eindhoven. Atiba was wearing gloves (all but 3 PSV men were, while Roda went entirely gloveless) and a snood. I often read Canadian fans complaining that we don't maximize our advantage as a team adapted to cold weather by scheduling matches in cold-weather cities.

    Would such an advantage exist? Most outdoor soccer in Canada is played between April and October, under relatively mild conditions. Hondurans or Guats might suffer (at least those not drawing a paycheque in Europe) playing in a snowstorm, but it's not like that is something our players will relish.
  • The Dutch announcer mentioned that Atiba had recently received the Canadian POTY honour, adding to the Danish POTY award he received in November. I had the volume turned down low at that point, but I think I caught a little swipe where he questioned which award really was the more valuable.
  • Atiba missed out on Champions League with FC Copenhagen, who have advanced to the last 16, by transferring to Eindhoven, but PSV look well on their way to booking a spot for next year.
  • PSV play in a candy-striped red and white jersey. The newly announced WSA Winnipeg team have a red-and-white striped crest. If I've been reading the stories correctly, local financial services company Investors Group will be the jersey sponsor. Enter my rudimentary photoshopping (actually GIMP-ing) talents and I've got next year's Winnipeg shirt figured out.
I lack the photoshop skillz to get the crest in there properly. Help me out.

Needless to say, it was a good way to ease myself into a winter Sunday morning in Winnipeg.

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