Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winnipeg PDL announcement: Bad timing?

I've mentioned before on this blog that we are nearing an announcement of a new Winnipeg soccer team. This much is known:
  • The team will play in the Premier Development League in a regional division which includes, among others, Des Moines and Thunder Bay.
  • Home field will be one of the new artificial pitches at the Winnipeg Outdoor Soccer Complex on Waverley
  • Focus will be on youth. On the facebook event page, someone is already soliciting names of the best local U23 players (PDL rules allow a maximum of only 8 over-23 players on the roster).
The rest of the details, including the team's name and crest, and the identity of some of the principals involved, are likely to be part of the media event, which is scheduled for noon this Monday at the Fort Garry Hotel.

Unfortunately, when the presser was scheduled, team organizers likely had no idea they'd be competing against another announcement of much greater importance to the vast majority of Winnipeggers.

The planning of a new stadium for Winnipeg has proceeded in typical fashion for the city. Mayor Katz and Premier Selinger have bungled the issue as much you might expect from those two. This announcement is really the second or third re-announcement of the stadium, with a new financing model.

The local media, sporting and otherwise, will likely be focussed on that story, which will make it hard for the PDL gang to make a splash on Tuesday's sports pages. I'll be sure to post details here, but my reach of a few dozen daily visitors isn't quite the same as sports section billing. If the team suffers for attention it will be because of a badly mismanaged stadium development and poor timing.

And that's really too bad.


Jamie said...

Good for the Peg to get PDL. How about "the Peggers" as a working name for the team?

9 PDL: Ottawa, TBay, London, Toronto, Abbotsford, Victoria, Vancouver Res, Winnipeg. 2 NASL: Montreal, Edmonton. 2 MLS: Toronto, Vancouver.
Then there is also the 13 CSL teams.
That's 26 "Pro" teams! Suddenly there is a development alternative to playing footie in Canada.

Now if only a few more Cdn cities get on board (ie: Calgary, Quebec, Halifax) then there is a decent three tiers in cdn footie.

Kate Gosselin photos said...

Greetings from the other side of the blogosphere! Encouraging you to keep your blog alive and kicking