Sunday, January 23, 2011

Atiba Hutchinson scores first goal for PSV

While the adoring throng over at CSN are (rightfully) celebrating the first ever EPL goal by the possibly Canadian David Hoilett, I wanted to make sure nobody overlooked another important European goal.

The moment was Atiba Hutchinson's first goal for PSV:

This is the kind of goal we don't see often enough from our Canadian players: a clinical finish when we are most accustomed to our players losing their nerve and blasting over or dribbling one past the post.

It was important for two reasons:
  • Rightfully or not, Atiba had developed a reputation as a guy who had squandered the bulk his scoring chances so far with Eindhoven with erratic shooting. This should silence those critics.
  • Atiba was making his first start since the departure of former team captain and talisman Ibrahim Afellay to Barcelona. Atiba took up his attacking central midfield role, and the goal should help to cement his spot for the time being.
All in all, not a bad weekend, as Josh Simpson also bulged the twine in Turkey.


Anonymous said...

A good start, but this is just one match. He has big shoes to fill in replacing Afellay in this second half of the season, and seeing how well he plays in the bigger games as opposed to matches against minnows like VVV will be a better measuring stick.

I do like him in a more advanced midfield position/box to box role with our NT as opposed to a holding position and he should be given an extended run in that spot of the field, as opposed to playing second banana to DeRo come Gold Cup time. Needs to consistently be an attacking focal point with our team: I'd like him to make his presence felt in key matches (i.e.had a shot on goal vs Honduras in the GC QF two years ago, but was mostly peripheral the rest of the time). And with becoming a key attacking fixture, how will he deal with the scrutiny from the opposition? The Greeks will be a good test because they will be giving him special attention. I hope he comes through with flying colours!

J said...

The problem with Hutch taking a back seat to De Ro is not unique to the Nats, nor is it particular to Hutchinson. De Rosario's freewheeling doesn't really allow for a traditional attacking midfielder to have much influence. I think it has very much to do with the often underwhelming performances of Julian de Guzman for Toronto (and Canada, recently), and of Hutchinson for Canada, on those rare occasions when a) he played in an attacking role and b) De Rosario was also in the lineup.

What I'm saying, in short, is that I think it has often been more of a De Ro problem than a situation with our attacking central midfield, a role which has too often not existed at all.

Margaret Kelley said...

It is a nice starting of Canadian star Atiba Hutchinson for PSV. He will continue it in the next match. All the best.

jonathan said...

Spam or no? By the time you posted this comment Hutchinson was out of PSV and has landed with Besiktas in Turkey.