Monday, January 24, 2011

New Canada kits: the good and the ugly

New Umbro Canada kits have been announced. My thoughts in brief:



The kits will be in action in Greece on February 9th, a match that will be televised live on Rogers Sportsnet.


Jamie said...

Couldn't help but notice that the colours make a "V". Could that be a nod to the Voyageurs supporter group? Is that too altruistic to think that in the design the CSA gave a subtle acknowledgement to the diehard followers of canadian footie? That'd be great.

J said...

It doubt that was the intention, but I'm surprised nobody has remarked on it yet. Frankly, if they're going to go with the chevron, might as well go with a deeper V like the 1980s Canucks jerseys.

Plus with deep-V t-shirts popular these days the shirt could catch on with the hipster crowd.

J said...

By the way, I was going to title this post "Fashion File" and ask if any of my readers also watched the CBC show of the same name on Saturdays, hoping that week would be one of the episodes where you'd get to see some afternoon boob. I decided, though, that would be too racy for the post. I think it's fine as comment fodder though.

Who tuned in?

subesh said...

They resemble Manchester United's jersey.Their kit sponsor is Nike though..makes one wonder..

Jamie said...

I tuned in my boobtube!