Saturday, March 19, 2011

Canadian content on Canadian teams 2011

As I've done the last few years, I'll be tracking the percentage of minutes played by Canadian players for this country's professional teams. With the addition of FC Edmonton to the NASL, the number of teams I'm tracking will grow to four.

To see how the teams measured up in previous years check the following posts.
I expect we'll see the NASL teams lead the race this year, as TFC and especially Vancouver have decided to build depth with American and foreign players.

As always, you can see how the teams stackup by looking on the blog sidebar. For the details, check out the spreadsheet.

In general, players classified as Canadian have represented or are eligible to represent Canada in international competition. So in 2011, while he counts under MLS rules as Canadian, Alain Rochat's minutes will not be counted for Vancouver.

Update: After matchday 1, Toronto FC leads this table (possibly the only table they'll lead this year).

These were the Canadian minutes last night:

Toronto: Dwayne De Rosario 90, Adrian Cann 90, Nana Attakora 90, Keith Makubuya 45, Gianluca Zavarise 21. Total 336 of 990 (33.9%)
Vancouver: Terry Dunfield 90, Russell Teibert 69 Total 159 of 990 (16.1%)

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