Saturday, March 26, 2011

NCC stat of the week #3: All-time scorers

In a bid to keep this blog active, but with precious little in the way of time and inspiration to to generate original thoughts and analysis, I have decided to provide weekly some bite-size informational chunks. Every Saturday up until the kick off of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship on April 27th, I will provide a numbers-based look at the first three years of the competition.

Week #1: All-time table
Week #2: Attendance

As before, these stats are offered with little in the way of analysis and interpretation. After looking at the all-time records of the three participating teams in the first three editions of the tournament, and all-time attendances, it's time to see who has done the scoring in the competition.

All the scorers are listed below:

Player Club Nationality Goals
Dwayne De Rosario Toronto Canada 4
Chad Barrett Toronto USA 3
Ansu Toure Vancouver Liberia 3
Roberto Brown Montreal Panama 2
Amado Guevara Toronto Honduras 2
Rohan Ricketts Toronto England 2
Eduardo Sebrango Vancouver Cuba 2
Marcus Haber Vancouver Canada 2
Maurice Edu Toronto USA 1
Ty Harden Toronto USA 1
Joey Gjertsen Montreal USA 1
David Testo Montreal USA 1
Tony Donatelli Montreal USA 1
Marco Velez Toronto Puerto Rico 1
Philippe Billy Montreal France 1
Martin Nash Vancouver Canada 1
Charles Gbeke Vancouver Canada 1
Ethan Gage Vancouver Canada 1
Kevin Harmse Toronto Canada 1
Severino Jefferson Montreal Brazil 1
Peter Byers Montreal Antigua 1

The only players to score in more than one year of the competition are Chad Barrett, Dwayne De Rosario, Marcus Haber and Ansu Toure, who all followed up 2009 goals by scoring again in 2010.

Goals scored, by country:

Country Goals
Canada 10
Liberia 3
Panama 2
Honduras 2
England 2
Cuba 2
Puerto Rico 1
France 1
Brazil 1
Antigua 1

Check back next week for the next in the series.

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