Sunday, April 24, 2011

Canadian content report: April 24th

It's been rather a poor week or two for the Canadian professional teams. None of the 4 Canadian sides managed a win this week. FC Edmonton lost 2-0 in a midweek encounter at Carolina, Montreal played to a drab 0-0 draw with Tampa Bay in their home opener at a windy Saputo Stadium, 10-man Toronto FC could only manage a 1-1 draw with Columbus, and Vancouver lost 2-1 on a late goal by FC Dallas.

In all likelihood we should be seeing some wins from some of these teams this week as the 4 lock horns (Edmonton-Toronto and Vancouver-Montreal) in Nutrilite Canadian Championship play.

The Canadian numbers for the week ending April 24th:

EDMONTON (at Carolina): Alex Surprenant (75), Shaun Saiko (90), Chris Lemire (90), Paul Hamilton (90), Chris Kooy (90), Dominic Oppong (90), Antonio Rago (79), Sam Lam (90), Andre Duberry (15), Kyle Yamada (11)
Total: 720 of 990 minutes

For the first time this season Edmonton fielded a starting lineup of only 8 Canadians, instead of 9 as they did in the first two matches. Forward Alex Semenets was injured in the match with Atlanta and, according to fans who watched the game, was sorely missed. Sam Lam made his first start of the year while Andre Duberry made his season debut.

MONTREAL (vs Tampa Bay): Nevio Pizzolitto (90), Ali Gerba (90), Pierre-Rudolph Mayard (15), Antonio Ribeiro (15)
Total: 210 of 990 minutes

I watched some of this match and it was even drearier than the 0-0 scoreline. Poor weather and some poor players conspired to produce some ugly football. I'm not sure where some of Montreal's other Canadians, like Simon Gatti, were in this match, but they started with only two domestics on the pitch and ended with 4.

TORONTO (vs Columbus): Adrian Cann (90), Julian de Guzman (90)
Total: 180 of 942 minutes

Only 2 Canadians saw action this week for Toronto FC. Out-of-favour Nana Attakora missed the game due to injury (which is strange because I thought Cann was the one that got hurt last week) while the peripheral Canadians like Zava (I'm hoping this abbrev. will catch on) and Cordon didn't get in the match. Hockey fans who measure the worth of a player by how many goals or "points" a guy gets might well have been appeased by Julian de Guzman's dandy "assist" on Tchani's goal, which was a prelude to Tchani's idiocy and sending-off.

VANCOUVER (vs DALLAS): Terry Dunfield (90), Kevin Harmse (13)
Total: 103 of 990 minutes

It was good to see Terry Dunfield return from injury with a full 90 minutes, instead of DeMereting himself (to borrow a phrase). Kevin Harmse also made an appearance of an appropriate length for a man of his talents. This Whitecaps team has problems of course, and lack of Canadian depth is not even high on the list. An expansion team ravaged by injuries can not be expected to perform much better than they have been.

Year-to-date numbers: Edmonton - 76%, Montreal - 34%, Toronto - 24%, Vancouver - 10%

Also, this is your last weekly reminder to enter the Nutrilite Canadian Championship pool. I'll accept any entries I get before 8 pm et on Wednesday. Nearly 40 entries are in so far.

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