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NCC stat of the week #4: Bad boys

In a bid to keep this blog active, but with precious little in the way of time and inspiration to to generate original thoughts and analysis, I have decided to provide weekly some bite-size informational chunks. Every Saturday up until the kick off of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship on April 27th, I will provide a numbers-based look at the first three years of the competition.

Week #1: All-time table
Week #2: Attendance
Week #3: All-time scorers

The statistics below require some brief explanation. I've ranked the players' and teams' discipline records by total of discipline points, rather than total cards. The reason for doing so is because a red card, obviously is more significant than a yellow.

The scoring system is: 1st yellow - 1 point; 2nd yellow - 2 points; straight red - 3 points.

Conveniently enough, two yellows in a single match will work to 3 points, which is the same as for a straight red.

The worst offenders over three years of competition:

Player Team yellow 2nd yellow red pts
Roberto Brown MTL 3
1 6
Adam Braz MTL 4 1
David Testo MTL 3 1
Stefano Pesoli MTL 2 1
Reda Agourram MTL

1 3
Maxim Usanov TOR

1 3
Nevio Pizzolitto MTL 3

Jim Brennan TOR 3

Kevin Harmse TOR 3

Martin Nash VAN 3


Is anybody surprised by the likes or Brown, Braz, and Harmse appearing on this list?

And by team:

Team yellow 2nd yellow red pts
Montreal 28 3 2 40
Toronto 23 0 1 26
Vancouver 19 0 0 19

The Impact are the runaway leaders of this table.

I was curious how the frequency of cards handed out in the Voyageurs Cup compared to other competitions. So I had a look. The totals for all other leagues use data from the most recently completed seasons:

Competition per game
La Liga 4.67
NCC 4.22
Serie A 3.81
MLS 3.56
EPL 3.4
Bundesliga 3.24

I don't view La Liga matches as being particularly nasty, so perhaps someone else can explain why Spanish refs are handing out cards as if they're going out of style. On the whole, though, it seems our Canadian clashes are intense, physical affairs.

Only three and a half weeks until real matches are played, and I'm starting to get excited. Expect contest details for my 2011 Nutrilite Canadian Championship Pool sometime within the next week.

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