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NCC stat of the week #5: Most Canadians on the pitch

In a bid to keep this blog active, but with precious little in the way of time and inspiration to to generate original thoughts and analysis, I have decided to provide weekly some bite-size informational chunks. Every Saturday up until the kick off of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship on April 27th, I will provide a numbers-based look at the first three years of the competition.

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Given my obsession with tracking Canadian content, and this thematic series on Nutrilite Canadian championship stats, it should come as no surprise that I'd eventually come around to providing a stat that combined both.

But I didn't run the numbers on the history of the competition, by team, or year-by-year. Instead, I picked a single moment when the Canadian content on the pitch was maximized.

That moment came in the first year of the competition when Montreal visited Swangard Stadium to take on the Whitecaps on June 25th, 2008. Montreal went on to win the match, 2-0, but we're most concerned with a moment, or rather a period, of 15 minutes of play, when there were 13 Canadian players on the pitch.

VANCOUVER WHITECAPS GK 1 United States Jay Nolly DF 2 Canada Jeff Clarke DF 4 Canada Adrian Cann Booked in the 40th minute 40' DF 19 Canada Chris Pozniak Substituted off in the 46th minute 46' DF 24 United States Lyle Martin MF 7 Canada Martin Nash MF 8 Canada Steve Kindel MF 22 Japan Takashi Hirano MF 25 United States Justin Moose Substituted off in the 75th minute 75' FW 11 Jamaica Nicholas Addlery Substituted off in the 75th minute 75' FW 16 Cuba Eduardo Sebrango
Substitutes DF 28 Canada Diaz Kambere Substituted on in the 45th minute 45' MF 9 Canada Alfredo Valente Substituted on in the 75th minute 75' FW 26 Canada Jason Jordan Substituted on in the 75th minute 75'

MONTREAL IMPACT GK 1 United States Matt Jordan DF 5 Canada Nevio Pizzolitto DF 16 Italy Stefano Pesoli DF 24 Canada Simon Gatti DF 33 Canada Adam Braz MF 7 United States David Testo Booked in the 38th minute 38' MF 9 Canada Rocco Placentino Substituted off in the 83rd minute 83' MF 15 Canada Patrick Leduc Booked in the 58th minute 58' MF 18 Argentina Leonardo Di Lorenzo Booked in the 33rd minute 33' FW 10 Panama Roberto Brown Booked in the 54th minute 54' Substituted off in the 67th minute 67' FW 11 Brazil Severino Jefferson Substituted off in the 55th minute 55'
Substitutes DF 17 United States Joey Gjertsen Substituted on in the 55th minute 55' MF 8 Canada Gabriel Gervais Substituted on in the 67th minute 67' FW 14 Canada Sita-Taty Matondo Substituted on in the 83rd minute 83'
It may be difficult to confirm from this sloppy wikipedia cut-and-paste job, but both teams started the match with 5 Canadians: Jeff Clarke, Adrian Cann, Chris Pozniak, Martin Nash and Steve Kindel for Vancouver and Nevio Pizzolitto, Simon Gatti, Adam Braz, Rocco Placentino and Patrick Leduc for Montreal. Those 10 all finished the first half.

At half-time, the immortal Diaz Kambere (remember him, TFC fans?) entered for Pozniak, keeping a total of 10 Canucks on the field. At 67 minutes, Gabriel Gervais replaced Roberto Brown for Montreal, moving the number up to 11. At 75 minutes, Vancouver pulled a substitution, bringing on Canadians Alfredo Valente and Jason Jordan for Jamaican Nicholas Addlery and American Justin Moose. 13! The most Canadians in the history of the competition on the same pitch.

At 83 minutes Montreal pulled a like-for-like swap, brining on the impressively named Sita-Taty Matondo to replace Placentino, keeping the Canadian content at 13 players, but bringing the total number of Canadians to see the pitch that day to 15.

If this record is to be beaten this year, it will likely be in the second match of the Toronto-Edmonton series. Toronto should have a comfortable lead and may elect to give an opportunity to a number of its younger Canadian players, while Edmonton has a largely Canadian lineup (17 of its 24 man roster are Canadian according to wikipedia)

It is an impossibility in the other series, as Vancouver (4) and Montreal (7) have only a combined 11 Canadians on their rosters this season (Vancouver's 61 minutes of Canadian content Wednesday was the lowest for any team since I began tracking the stat).

* * * * *

Let me take this moment to remind you that all 4 Canadian teams are in action this weekend.

MONTREAL: Saturday 7 pm et @ Tampa Bay
EDMONTON: Saturday 7:30 pm et @ Ft Lauderdale
TORONTO: Saturday 10:30 pm et @ San Jose
VANCOUVER: Sunday 7 pm et @ Houston

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