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NCC stat of the week #7: Fastest goal

In a bid to keep this blog active, but with precious little in the way of time and inspiration to to generate original thoughts and analysis, I have decided to provide weekly some bite-size informational chunks. Every Saturday up until the kick off of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship on April 27th, I will provide a numbers-based look at the first three years of the competition.

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Is anybody really surprised that I wasn't able to follow through on my commitment to make one post per weekend about the Nutrilite Canadian Championship?

There was no way, however, that I would neglect the opportunity to get in a post on the last weekend before the tournament starts. It's a quick one, surely, but it counts.

This week we're looking at the fastest goal from scrimmage in Nutrilite history.

The runners up:

Ty Harden - Toronto FC
12th minute
April 28, 2010 vs Montreal (2-0 win)

Ty Harden will remember this goal. Likely not because it was a particularly memorable match, or because the goal was so critical, but rather because he was seriously injured on the scoring play, getting cleated by teammate Dwayne De Rosario. At the time it appeared this ignominy would be compounded as the goal was initially awarded to De Rosario but days later, upon further review, Harden was rightly credited.

Kevin Harmse - Toronto FC
3rd minute
May 6, 2009 vs Vancouver (1-0 win)

Current Whitecaps midfielder and BC boy Kevin Harmse owns the second fastest goal in Nutrilite history, getting the winner in the 3rd minute in the opener of the 2009 tournament. It should be noted that this is Toronto FC's only competitive victory against Vancouver in the history of the two clubs.

Could anybody have come up with an unlikelier scoring pair than Ty Harden and Kevin Harmse?

And the winner ...

Marcus Haber - Vancouver Whitecaps
1st minute
May 20, 2009 at Montreal (2-0 win)

Current West Bromwich Albion and former Whitecaps striker Marcus Haber, presently recovering from a serious injury, holds the first-place honours. From a statistical point of view, he'll be tough to beat scoring in the 1st minute. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a record that lasts a few years. According to a match report, Haber in fact did the damage at 30 seconds, for those who care to be precise. The same match report includes the following memorable quote:
After a topless woman tried to interrupt the game by running onto the pitch, the Impact turned it on for the final 15 minutes of the first half, hitting the crossbar three times.
I obviously didn't watch the match as this seems like something I would have remembered. Good to see that the Impact were turned on by that turn of events.

So tune into the Nutrilite matches early on Wednesday (both kick off at 8 pm et live on one of th Sportsnet channels) in order not to miss the early scoring. And stay tuned throughout, in case it turns out to be a bouncy, perky affair.

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