Thursday, April 28, 2011

Voyageurs Cup Pool: Week 1 report

Let me begin by thanking all who took the time to enter my Nutrilite Canadian Championship prediction pool contest. Running this contest the past two years, and again this year, is one of the things I enjoy most about this blog.

I received 73 entries this year, by far my highest total. Thanks to squizz (a past champion!) of some canadian guys at Canadian Soccer News for getting the word out, which gave a significant boost to participation over the last two days. I believe, according to what I originally posted, that having exceeded 50 entries, I'm supposed to give out two prizes. There's plenty of time to figure that out.

Before we get to the results after week 1, it's worthwhile seeing what the collective wisdom of 73 Canadian soccer fans can come up with together. Here is the count for different finals pairings:

Vancouver – Toronto 56
Montreal – Toronto 10
Vancouver – Edmonton 6
draw** – Toronto 1

** "Draw" indicates an entry that predicted a tie over the 2 legs, even on away goals. Such a match would be decided by penalties

Not surprisingly, the results predicted for the 4 matches overwhelming favoured an all-MLS matchup. 63 of 73 entries placed Vancouver in the final, and 66 of 73 had Toronto advancing.

The selections for golden boot were quite interesting:

Eric Hassli 27
Camilo 9
Javier Martina 9
Alan Gordon 8
Maicon Santos 7
Ali Gerba 4
Atiba Harris 3
Omar Salgado 3
Joao Plata 2
Davide Chiumiento 1

Eric Hassli was the runaway leader of this category, though Maicon Santos (my pick!) has the early edge. Atiba Harris just had knee surgery. Nobody selected week 1 goal scorer Terry Dunfield.

On to this week's results. I was surprised, given that most people had Vancouver winning the first leg against Montreal, that only 4 had them winning by soccer's most common winning scoreline, 1-0.

The 4 to pick the Vancouver-Montreal match correctly were Duncan Fletcher, thesecondyellow, Cheeta, and Ed. Special congratulations should also go to Russell Berrisford who was the only entrant to nail the 3-0 TFC victory.

The week 1 table is led by Voyageurs veteran and fellow Winnipegger, Cheeta.

Difference Entries
1 Cheeta
2 Will C, Russell Berrisford, Ryan, kodiaktfc, zooko62000, thesecondyellow, Ed
3 J, Theo, Lord Bob, MM2, downsouth, Free Kick, Bill Ault, Tuscan, Mr Impact, Triple A, soka, M@, Ivan Garcia, fil, LWO04, Austin da Silveira, Bluesman, Massimo, mattz, KuBo, Casual Soccer Fan, Duncan Fletcher, Flemings, Chew, Diego, Heavy Red Flow
4 CapsFan79, nazzer, dyslexic nam, seathanaich, Daniel, ThiKu, f10, mulliganl, Keano, Mosho, rmacvicar, RKR, lamycnd, Branden, Medic1849, Aird, saviola7, tarnado
5 Pompey Canuck, ESG Shawn, JeremyMTL, pejnam, Mr. Caca, Sam, Rudi, Grant, nicotine, squizz
6 Gareth, Jamonty, Soccerpro, StartingEleven, Juby, Jay, gizmo fan 2
7 Scottie, Sasha
8 Redcoatsforever, Old Style Pilsner

You can view your own picks as well as everybody else's selections here.


Fred said...

I don't see my name there. I sent you an e-mail. How come?

J said...

Send me an email ( from the same address as your original entry so I can dig through my email account and find the original. I probably overlooked it at some point.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll be sure to correct the oversight.

Mike said...

Gah, I thought for sure Santos and Gordon would be splitting the games. Tough to pick someone that was guaranteed to play the full 90 both games. I think we should factor in assists so my Plata pick doesn't look so ridiculous.