Thursday, May 05, 2011

Voyageurs Cup Pool: Week 2 report

Let me begin with my apologies to two of my entrants, feardafred and Guindon. Both are French Canadians (NDP voters?) with the same first name containing accented letters. Both emailed entrants were diverted from my Inbox by Gmail's very likely racist spam filter. They're both in, which brings the total of entries up to 75. Which probably meets another prize threshold. I'll have to check the original post.

One thing I already have checked in the original post is how I would deal with matches going to extra time, as was the case with yesterday's Vancouver-Montreal tilt. I clearly stated that the score that would be considered for the purposes of this contest is the tally after 120 minutes. So yesterday's match goes as 1-1, not 1-0 for Montreal, which was the score after 90 minutes.

The field has really become stretched out after two weeks and four matches. In all likelihood the winner will come from one of the entries at 3 or 4, but I will still be soliciting final round picks from everyone who entered. If you entered via email, expect something from me within the next day or two. If you entered on the Voyageurs' boards, I will request your picks for the Toronto-Vancouver final there.

Here are the scores after 2 weeks:

Difference Entries
3 Russell Berrisford, Cheeta
4 Free Kick, Bill Ault, fil, CasualSoccerFan, Guindon
5 Theo, Will C, M@, Ivan Garcia, f10, Austin da Silveira, Massimo, KuBo, Flemings, thesecondyellow, Heavy Red Flow, Ed
6 Lord Bob, Ryan, Daniel, ThiKu, Keano, kodiaktfc, zooko62000, RKR, Grant, Duncan Fletcher, lamycnd, Branden, Diego, tarnado
7 J, MM2, pejnam, Mr Impact, dyslexic nam, Seathanaich, mulliganl, Mosho, Sam, mattz, Chew, feardafred
8 CapsFan79, ESG Shawn, nazzer, Tuscan, TripleA, Soccerpro, StartingEleven, Mr. Caca, Medic1849, nicotine, Aird, squizz
9 Pompey Canuck, downsouth, JeremyMTL, soka, LWO04, rmacvicar, Jay, Rudi, saviola7
10 Gareth, Jamonty, Bluesman, Old Style Pilsner, gizmo fan 2
11 Scottie, Redcoatsforever, Juby
12 Sasha

If you want to feel even worse about your picks, try this on for size: If you are at 7 or worse, you would have done just as well, or better, if you had predicted 0-0 for each match.

You can view your own picks as well as everybody else's selections here.

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Don't worry! It's all cool...