Saturday, May 21, 2011

Voyageurs Cup Pool: Week 3 report

We are getting right down to it now. Despite a small amount of attrition -- readers who failed to submit picks for the final series matches -- the Nutrilite/Voyageurs Cup pool is going strong. It looks like it will be a close battle to the finish, with 9 entries in the top two positions. It seems rather unlikely that the winner will come from any further back than that.

The 1-1 scoreline from Wednesday's Vancouver-Toronto match was a popular one. A dozen or so predictions had it exactly right.

With such a glut of entries at the top, it seems likely that tiebreakers will come into play. Those who picked Maicon Santos as top goal scorer are well positioned, as he leads the goals table with one week to go.

Here are the scores after 3 weeks:

Difference Entries
4 Free Kick, Russell Berrisford, CasualSoccerFan
5 fil, Austin da Silveira, Flemings, Heavy Red Flow, Cheeta, Guindon
6 Will C, Lord Bob, Bill Ault, Ivan Garcia, zooko62000, Massimo, KuBo, Grant, Duncan Fletcher, Ed
7 Theo, MM2, Ryan, Mr Impact, Mosho, Sam, RKR, Branden, Chew, thesecondyellow, Diego
8 J, pejnam, dyslexic nam, Seathanaich, kodiaktfc, feardafred
9 CapsFan79, StartingEleven, rmacvivar, Rudi, mattz, Medic1849, squizz
10 downsouth, JeremyMTL, Tuscan, soka, mulliganl, Mr. Caca
11 Jamonty, LWO04, Jay, Old Style Pilsner, nicotine, saviola7
12 Scottie, Juby
13 Pompey Canuck, Gareth
14 Sasha

You can view your own picks as well as everybody else's selections here.

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