Monday, June 13, 2011

Gold Cup Goals: The pool so far

As is far too often the case, this blog lapses into inactivity, or rouses belatedly from an ill-timed slumber, just as Canada's national teams start playing important matches. This often happens because these matches tend to occur in summer, and I tend to spend a good chunk of the summer off the grid, and on the water or trail.

For example, I expect that when the re-scheduled final match of this year's Nutrilite Canadian Championship is played, I'll be paddling the waters somewhere along the Manitoba/Ontario border. Such is life.

But I do feel badly when I give short shrift to my readers, especially those who have taken the time to interact with the blog by entering a contest. Particularly a contest that demands the readers take the time to delve into the Gold Cup rosters of the likes of Cuba, Grenada and Guadeloupe in order to pick the most likely goal scorers.

These (5) active readers deserve the courtesy of an update in the standings for the CONCACAF Gold Cup goals pool.

Here they are:

SB 17
Trevor 14
Pompey Canuck 12
jamonty 12
feardafred 9

The devil, as always, is in the details. All the readers, for example, picked Javier Hernandez and his five goals to date. However, only SB had the foresight to select El Salvador's Zelaya (3 goals) and it is largely on the strength of that pick that he sits in first.

Search for that devil in the details here [all entries and selections]

Later today: When a must-win really is a must-win - A Canada-Panama preview

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