Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Voyageurs Cup pool: FINAL results

I'll admit it. I didn't watch and still haven't watched a single moment of the final match replay of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship/Voyageurs Cup. During the time when the match was played, I was variously floating in or paddling across northern Ontario lakes.

Congratulations to Toronto FC on their second consecutive championship. They will likely be better representatives in the CONCACAF Champions League than Vancouver would have been, given Tom Soehn's complete lack of tactical acumen and the much stronger roster that Toronto possesses.

Like the tournament itself, there was drama in this contest to the final moments. Due to the high number of entries, I had decided that prizes would be awarded to the best two finishers, which is convenient since we had a tie for first place between Free Kick and Casual Soccer Fan. Both had the exact scorelines for each of the final round matches and are deserving winners. They will be contacted to provide an address so they can receive their prize.

What is the prize? You're looking at it.

New kids on the block could always use some more pub.

Here is the final tally. You can also see all the gory detail here.

Difference Entries
4 Free Kick, CasualSoccerFan
5 Russell Berrisford, Flemings, Heavy Red Flow, Cheeta
6 fil, zooko62000, Guindon
7 Lord Bob, MM2, Bill Ault, Ryan, Ivan Garcia, Austin da Silveira, Massimo, Grant, Chew, Ed
8 Will C, Mosho, RKR, KuBo, Duncan Fletcher, thesecondyellow, Diego
9 J, Theo, pejnam, Mr Impact, dyslexic nam, rmacvicar, Sam, Rudi, Branden, feardafred
10 StartingEleven, kodiaktfc, mattz, Medic1849, squizz
11 downsouth, CapsFan79, JeremyMTL, Seathanaich, mulliganl
12 Jamonty, Tuscan, soka, LWO04, Old Style Pilsner, nicotine, saviola7
13 Scottie, Mr. Caca
14 Gareth, Jay
15 Pompey Canuck, Juby
16 Sasha

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