Monday, August 29, 2011

Canadian soccer groupthink: An experiment

Being part of an experiment: better or worse than being a Canadian soccer fan?

In advance of Canada's six-match first round (officially CONCACAF's second round) of World Cup qualifying, I'm conducting to an experiment to determine whether the aggregate of Canadian soccer supporters functions as an all-knowing and predictive hive mind.

The data point I've chosen to focus on is the total number of goals scored by Canada over the six matches: 2 each against St Lucia, St Kitts and Puerto Rico.

If you'd like to be a guinea pig (or lab rat) for me, tweet your guess (just the number is fine) to me @o_o_t, or if you haven't joined the twittersphere, leave a comment to this post. Just don't do both with different handles or I'll be royally confused.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Over 6 games I'm going to say that we average somewhere between 3-4 goals per match.

After the great Gold Cup game vs. USA, there was offensive constipation vs. Guadeloupe. My guess is that we will hava a blowout but only then to have a hangover.

Summation: 19 goals for, 6 goals against.