Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hutchinson out for remainder of 2011?

From the Netherlands, the latest Atiba injury news (not so recent, in fact, but I had missed it until now).

Published on September 23rd
'Kleine hoop dat Hutchinson dit jaar kan nog spelen'

PSV'er Atiba Hutchinson werd afgelopen week opnieuw geopereerd aan zijn knie. De middenvelder uit Canada komt hoogstwaarschijnlijk dit kalenderjaar niet meer in actie voor de Eindhovenaren.

"Ik hoop dat hij voor de winterstop weer wedstrijden kan spelen, maar in alle realiteit is het kleine hoop. Niemand treft blaam in deze, de dokter heeft gezegd dat het kan gebeuren", aldus trainer Fred Rutten op de clubsite.
In het Engels
PSV's Atiba Hutchinson again had his knee operated on last week. The Canadian midfielder is most likely out of action for the rest of the calendar year for the Eindhoven side.

"I hope that he will be able to play matches before the winter break, but in reality this is a slim hope. There is nobody to blame for this, the doctor said this sort of thing can happen", says manager Fred Rutten on the club website.
What this means for Canada, of course, is that Atiba will miss the entirety of the current round of World Cup qualifiers. But I don't think anybody will be surprised by this. Canada should be able to overcome his injury against the less than excellent opponents in the group.

If all goes well Hutchinson will be fully recovered, with a half season under his belt, when Canada's next important matches are being played.

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Of more immediate concern for Canada is the withdrawal of Kevin McKenna from the Canada squad due to injury. The foot injury is minor, but with his FC Koln's current injury crisis at centre back he was to valuable to risk on international duty. The depth problem shifts to the Canada squad, where youngsters David Edgar and Adam Straith are now the only central defense options.

Jonathan Beaulieu-Bourgault was called into the squad as a replacement. He doesn't help the centre back situation any, but can provide cover at right back, a big help since neither David Edgar nor Adam Straith will be available for that position now.

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If you're been paying attention, you've already heard about #tastethesoup. Now, whether you'll be at BMO Field for the Puerto Rico match, or you'll be watching at home like me, it's time to #sharethesoup. Check the link for details.

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