Sunday, November 13, 2011

CONCACAF WCQ Round 3 schedule

In case you missed it, Canada punched its ticket to the next round of qualifying with a less than convincing effort in a 0-0 draw in St Kitts Friday. While there is still a match to play in round 2, this Tuesday against St Kitts at BMO Field, fans, players and coaches alike can start looking ahead to the schedule for 2012.

Though CONCACAF has not yet officially released a schedule for the next round, the Panamian and Honduran federations have both released the dates for next year's matches. It's easy enough to extrapolate Canada's dates from these lists.

(It should be noted that Panama's release lists the final two matches as occurring in November, but since their dates and days of the week don't agree, I'm going to assume that Honduras' listing, wherein the final matches occur October 12th and 16th, is the correct one).

The complete schedule for Group C:

8. Jun. 2012 Honduras Panama
8. Jun. 2012 Cuba Canada
12. Jun. 2012 Canada Honduras
12. Jun. 2012 Panama Cuba
7. Sep. 2012 Cuba Honduras
7. Sep. 2012 Canada Panama
11. Sep. 2012 Honduras Cuba
11. Sep. 2012 Panama Canada
12. Oct. 2012 Canada Cuba
12. Oct. 2012 Panama Honduras
16. Oct. 2012 Honduras Canada
16. Oct. 2012 Cuba Panama

Start saving your Air Miles, folks.


Diego R. said...

Kinda wish the Cuba away match was later. Trips to Cuba are always super cheap but why bother going in June? Maybe I'll look into Panamanian and Honduran tourism... :P

J said...

Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to visit.

I don't know about Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula specifically, but I doubt either would provide the kind of beachfront getaway most are looking for in November. Panama in September could be nice.

Lord Bob said...

Honduras isn't dangerous at all for most Canadians, but it's so incredibly dangerous for Squizz that it drags the average up.


J said...

Been doing a bit more reading in the last 10 minutes about Honduras. What a nightmare.

Honduras on path to break murder world record

I'm almost surprised Honduras away fans aren't BIGGER assholes than we've seen, given their origins.