Thursday, November 24, 2011

November FIFA rankings

While the FIFA rankings aren't worth the digital paper they're printed on, from a statistical perspective, it still remains heartening when Canada finds itself in a more decent position.

In the most recent edition of the rankings Canada is 72nd, up 11 spots from October. I wouldn't be doing my reporterly duty if I didn't also mention that the team is sandwiched between Austria and China in the table.

It won't be important for a few years now, but here's how CONCACAF stacks up:

RnkZon. RnkTeamPts+/- Pos

201Mexico Mexico8662Up

342USA USA7210Equal

473Jamaica Jamaica6093Up

514Panama Panama5852Up

545Honduras Honduras5703Up

646Costa Rica Costa Rica503-2Down

697El Salvador El Salvador46313Up

728Canada Canada45511Up

789Haiti Haiti43829Up

8310Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda4187Up

Antigua 10th in CONCACAF, 83rd in the world. Crazy, right?!

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