Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Canada to play USA in June friendly

Kudos to CSN's Ben Rycroft, who scooped part of tomorrow's big CSA centennial year announcement by telling us, in a piece for, that the jewel in the crown of celebrations will be a June friendly against the USA.

The date has not been confirmed, but the next available international window, following the February 29th date when Canada will face Armenia, is from June 1-5, and a match on that weekend would make for ideal preparation in advance of Canada's WCQ opener in Havana.

Rycroft gets it right when explaining why USA was the right choice:
Out of that though has grown awareness about the need to ensure home support for the Canadian team. It's what led to the decision to play all of opening round World Cup qualifiers in Toronto. And it's, ultimately, why the U.S. - who traditionally doesn't have a large contingent of travelling support - is the perfect choice as a send off to the next round of World Cup qualifying, which begins in June.
The Americans are a good measuring stick for Stephen Hart's team, and a good result in June could provide the team with confidence should they need to steal some points in a hypothetical Hex appearance.

Canada's record, as you may know, has not been good against the USA in the recent past. Many of us will recall a certain piece of skull-fuckery by certain CONCACAF officials in a recent Gold Cup match, but the misery goes back much further. In fact, Canada last beat the USA in a senior men's international in 1985. You can see the results for yourself.

The other details to be announced at tomorrow evening's event are the locations for the three WCQ matches to be played in June, September, and October; and the unveiling of Umbro's centenary jersey. Expect commentary on these announcements in the days to come.

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