Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Canadian Championship: All-time data

With the most important all-Canadian soccer competition fully upon us, I've had an inkling lately to look a little at the accumulation of data over the first four years of the Canadian Championship.

I spent literally in the high double digits of minutes compiling some spreadsheets listing each player to take part in the competition, from Abdus Ibrahim to Zourab Tsiskaridze.

The data are too comprehensive to list in a post (180 players in all have taken part over 4 years), but you can take a look at the spreadsheets yourself.  There are separate sheets for each year of the competition, as well as for each team, in addition to a master list of all players.

Google Docs: Canadian Championship 2008-2011

If you're the kind of 21st century cat that can't be bothered, and prefers to digest info in 140-character chunks, here's a bit:


Anonymous said...

I found a bug in one of your spreadsheets. On the Van list, Jay Demerit is listed twice. I expect the first one listed should be Jay Nolly.
Otherwise, great summary!
Uppsala, Sweden

J said...

You must have been reading closely. I had fixed that error in the master list sheet, but missed it from the team sheet.

Thanks. I also don't know why Blogger originally marked this comment as spam.