Monday, May 14, 2012

Confirmed callups for June WCQs, USA friendly

My understanding is that the players invited to the Canada training camp ahead of the USA centennial friendly and World Cup qualifiers in Havana against Cuba and in Toronto against Honduras will be made available for all three matches.

While we await the official announcement of Stephen Hart's 22-man squad, which is expected Thursday, I'll be keeping a list of players already confirmed via other sources.

FSimeon JacksonNorwich25266[source]
DDavid EdgarBurnley2380[source]
M/FIssey Nakajima-FarranBrisbane Roar27241[source]*
DAshtone MorganToronto FC2120[source]*
DAndre HainaultHouston Dynamo25242[source]
MPedro PachecoHouston Dynamo2750[source]

I am loath to cite a player's twitter feed as a source (as is the case with Nakajima-Farran) but it is hardly as though I would suffer much from loss of credibility. Same goes for a poster on the Voyageurs who claims a "reliable source" (Morgan), even if said poster is typically on the mark.

By the way, I'm cribbing most of this news from a similarly-themed thread over at the Voyageurs board.


Peter said...

Those are the beginnings of a great backline.

Anonymous said...

I think Pacheco gets his call ups because Fonseca must lobby hard for him yet the guy couldn't beat out Dunfield for a starting place in the last GC.

Hainault is probably solid defensively but he plays in a club system where the fullbacks are primarily stay at home guys so I expect limited offensive contributions (except for set play headers) from the RB position.

I'm hoping Klukowski finds his form. He's not as bad now as that horrid outing he had vs Armenia, is he?

I predicted last year that five of the starting midfield/forward six for the start of this round would be: Hutchinson, Julian de Guzman, De Ro, Simpson, and Johnson, with a "pick 'em" for the centre forward spot (Occean? Jackson?). I'm not changing that prediction.