Thursday, May 24, 2012


Toronto FC put their name on the Voyageurs Cup for the fourth straight year in a shambles of a match last night.  Congratulations to them and all the rest.  Of more immediate importance to my readers, however, is the result of this blog's prediction contest.  Unlike the match itself, this wasn't properly decided in regular time:

Difference Entries
5 Tuscan, Diego R
8 ThiKuBC, mulliganl, Drew Shaw, coxon, zooko62000, Casual Soccer Fan, Russell Referee
9 Soka, Matt, B_Like_Fonz, Keano
10 Mr. Impact, Scott Bennett, jzpassion4footy, KodiakTFC, Duncan Fletcher
11 Tim McMurphy, Duane Rollins, LUFC, Free Kick, Pejnam
12 Sam, Yvan, Theo Gauthier, StartingEleven
13 Jamonty, Kevin Elder, Papae Noel, Latetedefred, TorontoSubbuteo, KZ
14 Clayton Annis, Scottie
15 Benjamin Massey

(you can view the detail of each entry here)

Tuscan and Diego R distanced themselves from the pack but couldn't shake each other.  They both had the same Golden Boot winner (Sebastian Le Toux, who tied with Ryan Johnson, Reggie Lambe, and Eric Hassli for the actual honours).  I did make up some other tie-breaking procedures but, frankly, I'd rather just hand out two prizes.

In past years I left it up to the lanterne rouge to decide which team scarf the winner would receive.  Ben Massey surely wouldn't have let that power get to his head, but this year I am offering no such consolation.  It's a big WCQ summer and we need to be all-in behind the national team.  The winners will be receiving a Canada scarf or other Umbro swag from the CSA store.

Thanks to all for participating.  I hope you'll stop by and read my other posts from time to time.  And rest assured if this blog is still alive and kicking in a year's time, we'll have the contest up and running again.

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CasualSoccerFan said...

I hope that this blog is still around next season! I look forward to this competition almost as much as I do the tourney itself.

Keep up the good stats!