Friday, May 18, 2012

VCup contest: Matchday 3

There's only one match left to be played before the Voyageurs Cup is awarded.  Meanwhile in my contest, things seem to have been narrowed down to a two-horse race.

Difference Entries
3 Diego R
4 Tuscan
6 ThiKuBC, mulliganl, coxon, Casual Soccer Fan, Rusell Referee
7 Tim McMurphy, Theo Gauthier, jzpassion4footy, Drew Shaw, zooko62000, Keano
8 Mr. Impact, Soka, Duane Rollins, Matt, Duncan Fletcher
9 KodiakTFC, Free Kick, B_Like_Fonz
10 Sam, Yvan, Jamonty, Scott Bennett, LUFC, Latetedefred, Pejnam
11 Kevin Elder, Papae Noel, StartingEleven, TorontoSubbuteo, KZ
12 Ben Massey, Clayton Annis, Scottie

I've taken a look and Diego R has predicted a 2-1 win for TFC at BMO next Wednesday while Tuscan has called a 1-1 draw.  By my calculations, that means things could end in a dead heat, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Despite some people being well out of contention, there was very little attrition (people who did not submit their finals picks after the semifinal round).  And some canny predicting as well: 9 entries had Wednesday's 1-1 scoreline exactly right.

You can view all the entries here.

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