Thursday, June 07, 2012

'Twas WCQ Eve ...

A little poetry:

'Twas WCQ eve
And all through the house...

...people are jabbering on about fucking TFC

Pardon my language. I'm simply a little confused and dare I say upset that TFC would choose the day before Canada's biggest match in 4 years to announce that Aron Winter has been fired as team boss.

Aside the lame Borat reference, I don't feel the need to back down from this sarcastic tweet.

Toronto FC's profile is already out-sized in relation to that of the national teams. It's position at the centre of the universe, and as a gem in the crown of a massive sports ownership behemoth, affords it a media profile Canada could only dream of. The fact that Canada had to move a Stephen Hart press conference call due to the TFC news, or that the number of journos on that call would be dwarfed by the regular TFC beat corps, speaks to the same point.

So today's news, at a time when Canada's team needs any kind of attention it can grab, comes at exactly the wrong time.  Already snowed under by the Euros, tomorrow's game against Cuba will be further buried.

This would never, NEVER, happen in a real football country.

Lest I be guilty of the same thing, here are some national team items of actual importance and time-relevance:

  • Some choice Kevin McKenna quotes from Kurt Larson, who is on the ground in Cuba: "There’s nobody here enforcing any rules. For me, it’s a joke – playing at 2 p.m., CONCACAF has to step in. ... The worst pitch I’ve ever played on. This is CONCACAF and this is World Cup qualifying... That's the way it is"
  • There's still time to enter my WCQ goals prediction contest.  We're looking to get up to the double digits in entries.
  • Don't be afraid to be confident of tomorrow's result.  The bookies sure are. bwin has the odds at 1.72 / 3.50 / 5.00 (Canada win / draw / loss)
  • Lots of new videos up on the CSA youtube channel.  Atiba Hutchinson looks like a man who will be playing tomorrow.

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