Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crowd-sourcing Canadian match data

Most of you probably haven't spent as much time as I have sifting through match data at the CSA site for some statistical nugget.  You certainly haven't done so lately, as the data has been unavailable for some time due to, they say, a server failure during site renovations.

This is seriously cramping my style.  I like to refer to actual data in my posts, not just hazy rememberings. For example, I was planning on writing a post about Canada's upcoming friendly with Trinidad and Tobago, including our past matches against that side. However, the best archive of international matches that I can find only runs to 1999; I know Canada played T&T five times in the year 2000.

So here is my project: to find links to official, or at least very probably accurate, match reports, including accurate player (minutes, cards, goals) and match data (time of match events, attendance if possible).

I've started a Google Docs spreadsheet for this purpose. It contains a (hopefully) complete list of all matches from 2000 forward. What I need help with is links to match reports.  The MLSsoccer website is a good source for matches in the last 2 years, though most reports lack attendance figures.  Soccerway is also a good archive of match results, though I'm hesitant to use the match data as a source as I've noticed errors in the past.

It can be edited by anyone with a Google account. Don't be an idiot.  Please follow the format that I have used.

Google Document: Click here to view and edit

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