Thursday, August 23, 2012

Confirmed selections for Panama WCQs

Canada's World Cup qualifying matches September 7th and 11th against Panama are undoubtedly the most critical the men's team will have played since the 2000 Gold Cup.  So the upcoming squad selection is the most important squad in some time as well. You want to know who's on it.
Given those words from Stephen Hart, you probably already have a good idea of who will be selected. On a positive note, it would seem captain Kevin McKenna should be healthy following a recent injury and surgery.  The rest of the blanks are pretty easy to fill in.

Nevertheless, it has become tradition here to make you aware of the early confirmations.

Pos Name Club Age Caps Goals Source
D Dejan Jakovic DC United 27 12 0 source
F Dwayne De Rosario DC United 34 68 19 source
D Andre Hainault Houston 26 28 2 source

The first two confirmations come courtesy of DC-based soccer writer Steven Goff.  He confirmed the same two players for the Trinidad friendly, from which De Rosario eventually withdrew, but Dwayne will show for these matches barring a major injury in the next week.

News Tuesday that Andre Hainault has been selected should come as no surprise. Stephen Hart will be keen to get the back line band together: Ante Jazic, Kevin McKenna, Hainault, and David Edgar combined to keep 3 straight clean sheets against USA, Cuba, and Honduras in June.  We also expect Marcel de Jong to challenge for Jazic's spot.

There had been some health concerns about McKenna, but those seem largely to have been answered as he returned to the FC Koeln lineup in a 56-minute substitute appearance following surgery for a minor injury weeks ago.

The official roster announcement comes tomorrow. If you have leads on any other players being selected, holler at me in the comments or on twitter @o_o_t


Anonymous said...

So now we'll see which more established players from the previous friendly didn't get to make the dress list for the Panamanian adventure. JBB? Dunfield?


J said...

The friendly squad was 18 men; this will likely be 22. So there needn't be that many dropped. I suspect, though, that mostly younger players will not be selected: Doneil Henry, Evan James, likely Russell Teibert. There is no sense taking Dunfield or JBB, especially if Bernier is called up, but between the two Hart seems to prefer Bourgault.

It might be time to ask also whether there is room on the team for Jazic, Klukowski AND De Jong if all three are healthy.

yoga bali said...

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Anonymous said...

I think that De Ro, Hutch, JDG, Johnson, and Occean are locks to start, if healthy. The only question is if Hart and Fonseca go bold with the clubless Ricketts on the right or prefer a defensive component in Ledgerwood. I hope it's the former because it takes a fan favourite main excuse/whipping boy out of the equation should things not go well. Also, I just like the idea of being bold and on the front foot at home, yet being compact and defensively aware in the middle of the park. This match is a huge and I want to see a really strong effort from our most important players.

De Jong will be the LB, Edgar the RB, and McKenna and Hainault the tandem at CB. Hirschfeld will be the keeper .


J said...

Do you think that Hart will be able to ignore Bernier's current form and keep him on the bench behind de Guzman or Johnson?