Sunday, August 12, 2012

Whitecaps Canadian content up to 0.00014469686%

VANCOUVER: Knighton, DeMerit (O'Brien 31), Lee, Bonjour, Richards, Robson, Koffie, Davidson, Mattocks (Miller 18), Camilo (Teibert 86)


CasualSoccerFan said...

And then Caleb Clarke came on in a losing effort vs the FC match! Wow! Perhaps Vancouver's seen the light? #toolittletoolate

Partisan sarcasm aside, I do wonder what Rennie's seen in these players recently that finally got him to field them in game, or if it was similar to a Cordon/Makabuya sub appearance for TFC.

J said...

I wonder if word of Teibert's performance against T&T has made its way back to Rennie. His 16 minutes last night represent his biggest shift of the season and two straight appearances in matches where he was available.

It would be nice if this was coming in a winning effort. Don't look now, but FC Dallas have been rolling ever since the de Guzman trade.

CasualSoccerFan said...

I think FCD's success has more to do with David Ferreira's return, but I agree that this success can probably only be a good thing for DeGuzman, and by extent the CMNT.

J said...

I read a lot of TFC observers on twitter speculating that Dallas would have little use for de Guzman and were doing the deal for financial reasons. Seeing how large a role he's played for them since joining the team it is clear they think he can still play which is, as you say, a good thing.

And perhaps spending time together on a team with such a shameless diver and general scumbag like Ferreira will help prepare him for the remaining World Cup qualifiers against Panama and Honduras.