Friday, September 07, 2012

Canada - Panama preview

Some links and info on the biggest men's match of the decade . . .

Betting odds: CAN 2.40 draw 3.10 PAN 3.00 (bwin)

I check these from time to time to get some idea of how the rest of the world view our chances (Canadian fans are of course scared shitless).  I am increasingly of the opinion that with these relatively low profile matches they don't put much thought into the odds.  Canada was a much heavier favourite earlier this week (1.95 or so) which means most of the betting action as been on the Panama side.  I'm not surprised.

Media previews

I don't speak Spanish but I'm smart enough to figure out this is good news.


Stephen Hart talks tactics with The Score's Kristian Jack (youtube video): Parsing his comments, it seems to me he is considering starting Marcel de Jong at left back although observers at practice yesterday seemed to suggest the group of Jazic - Hainault - McKenna - Edgar would stay together.

Butts in seats

Word is the lower bowl is all but sold out and the upper deck will be opened to walk up attendees. Pack the place, Toronto.


1-1.  I'm too jaded as a fan to be more hopeful than that.

Thread to be updated nearer to game time with more info.

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