Sunday, September 09, 2012

WCQ goals contest: Matchday 3 update

Though many of the entrants may no longer recall it, prior to the start of this round of qualifying I set up a goals prediction contest. Pick 3 scorers for Canada, 2 each from our Group C opponents, 2 from the giants of CONCACAF (Mexico and USA) and 1 from each of the remaining countries.

Halfway through the round, here is how things stand:

Trevor C18
Alex G17
Branden F15
Paul B15
Scott B14
Seth G14
Jon W14
Jamie M12
Theo G9

Poor Theo.  He's the only one to be missing both Alvaro Saborio (4 goals) and Clint Dempsey (3) in his team.  Not surprisingly, all 9 entries earned the point for having Dwayne De Rosario in one of the 3 Canadian player slots.

You can view the full spreadsheet to see your competitor's picks, and your own if you've forgotten.