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2012: A blogging year in review

2012's most popular posts (by pageviews) were a curious mix of the ridiculous, the factual, and the downright angsty, not unlike the team this blog has primarily followed over the years.

Here's a rundown of the posts that had the most traffic last year.

These roster posts tend are a good way to attract eyeballs, especially if one is quick on the draw. Coming at the beginning of the summer, when hope sprung eternal (or at least halfway between eternal and whatever dismal level it is at now), in advance of a high-profile friendly and a bunch of games in Toronto certainly didn't hurt.

9. Terry Dunfield's gut: A story in pictures (18 March 2012)
The second leg of Toronto's CCL quarter-final against the Galaxy featured a strange moment where Terry Dunfield was sent to the sideline for some sort of uniform infraction. It was the makings of a few pithy tweets (and misspelled) tweets at the time:
It was only a later look that revealed the absolute ridiculous of Dunfield on that night:

  • He was wearing three layers, including two official jerseys, in Los Angeles
  • That gut!

7. (tie) Confirmed call-ups for T&T friendly
(29 July 2012)
Like the USA roster post above, people love knowing who will be on the team. Go figure! This post, like several others throughout the year, was a collection of confirmations of players from other sources prior to the official roster being released.

7. (tie) Canada all-time vs Cuba (10 October 2012)
Going into the final two World Cup qualifiers the door to the hex was still relatively wide open. The necessary first step was a win against Cuba. This post offered a historical reason to be hopeful of such a result. A rash of defections days before the match that left the godless communists with hardly a bench to speak of certainly didn't hurt either.

6. Canadians on the move (20 July 2012)
A run-down of the national roster, highlighting those players who found new jobs over the summer transfer season.  The biggest moves were likely the Julian de Guzman trade to FC Dallas, and Olivier Occean's transfer from small-fry promoted side Greuther Fuerth to medium-fry Eintracht Frankfurt.  For the players themselves, the moves have yielded fair and mediocre results respectively (professionally -- financial terms are another matter altogether).

5. Hate-watching Canada-Panama (12 September 2012)
Exactly what the title says.  I count the many different ways I hated that match and Central America's subpar lighting infrastructure.  The real fun is in the comments where some Panamian fans get their flame on, though I feel we came so some sort of consensus at the end.

4. A thin red line (26 November 2012)
A depressing spreadsheet post, one of many throughout the years, highlighting those players who are likely too long in the tooth to be of much use to Canada's national team in the future.

3. Canada vs Panama: Player ratings (9 September 2012)
Following Canada's biggest win of the WCQ round, optimism was running.  Fans were eager to read and chime in about the players that secured the 1-0 victory at BMO Field.  I offered my ratings, and you will not be surprised to learn that I thought Atiba Hutchinson was awesome.

2. Voyageurs Cup pool: 2012 edition (18 April 2012)
This contest is always popular, and this year's announcement was no exception. 47 entrants competed to most accurately predict the results of the 2012 Voyageur's Cup (or Amway Canadian Championship if you prefer, which I do not).  In the end, readers Tuscan and Diego R came out on top, well ahead of the rest of the field.

1. Canada to play Armenia in Cyprus (17 January 2012)
A short banal post, featuring a picture of an Armenian holding two bunches of grapes, was this year's most popular.  Surely this is due to some quirk of Google's search algorithms, but that's no reason not to show that picture again.

That's the kind of year it's been.

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