Friday, January 25, 2013

Watch Canada vs Denmark LIVE!

The hardy few that consider themselves fans of the Canadian national soccer teams have in the past done much grousing about the inability to view many of  the team's matches. Voyageurs lore is full of in-jokes ("Massih Wassey", "Philips Bakery, on Upper Middle Street, by the library") from Caribbean radio feeds, or that one team some eastern European teenager was texting updates to collected Voyageurdom from some other long-forgotten match.

In recent years fans of the team have continued to have much to complain about, but Sportsnet, the team's broadcast partner, has generally done a good job of getting the team on the airwaves.  The odd game has been shifted to the network's premium station, Sportsnet One, due to scheduling conflicts (Jays), though it's hard to imagine there are many serious sports fans (a contradiction in terms) without access to that channel.

Saturday's friendly against Denmark is essentially a closed-door affair, between played in a foreign country, far from any hotbeds of Canadian or Danish ex-pats.  This is the kind of match we'd normally hear about through twitter, or other means (remember refreshing the CSA match tracker PDFs?) and than rant about uninformedly later.

So kudos to the Sportsnet crew for getting an internet stream of the game. The fans will much appreciate it. I doubt this match is even on Danish TV; for some of Canada's players, at least, this could well be the first time a match they've played in has been broadcast in any form at all.


Canada vs Denmark
LIVE streaming video via Sporstnet
Saturday, 26 January 2013
3 pm et / 2pm ct / noon pt, live coverage beginning at 2:30

Canada roster
Denmark roster

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