Friday, April 26, 2013

Voyageurs Cup matchday 1 report

A day late, here's a look at Wednesday's opening matches in the Amway Canadian Championship


: Doneil Henry 49', Andrew Wiedeman 81'
[match stats]

Headline: Toronto continues dominance over Montreal (Soccer America)

One paragraph analysis

A sloppy first half could have been expected. The two teams combined to field perhaps a half-dozen regular starters. An experience and talent gap between the two central midfield duos -- Patrice Bernier, shouldering most of the load for Montreal, and Kyle Bekker and Jonathan Osorio for Montreal -- was evident in the early-going, but the young Toronto pair managed to work their way into the match by the end of the first half. The second half was a different story, as an inexperienced Montreal defense (Hassoun Camara should never play in the middle) couldn't clear a corner and were punished by Doneil Henry's strike. A later, rather needless, giveaway by Karl Ouimette set the table for Toronto, as Luis Silva and Andrew Wiedeman (or, as Gerry Dobson kept calling him, "Wiederman") didn't have much work to do to get it to the back of the net. Post-game Marco Schallibaum was making the right noises about getting the goals back in Montreal, but it was clear Toronto cares more about winning this competition.

Attendance check: 11,043 at a rainy and cold BMO Field

Canadian content report
There were 8 Canadian starters on the day. It was good to see two young Canadian defenders, Ouimette and Maxim Tissot for Montreal, but in the end it was inexperience by those two that was at fault for both goals against. Bekker and Osorio were poor in the first half, but got better.

Karl Ouimette90
Maxim Tissot90
Patrice Bernier90
Total Mins270

Doneil Henry90
Ashtone Morgan90
Jonathan Osorio90
Emery Welshman90
Kyle Bekker72
Total Mins432


Camilo 5', 83' (PK), Michael Cox 8', Chris Nurse 28', Tommy Heinemann 89'
[match stats]

Headline: Whitecaps' rally and 3-2 win prevents embarrassing night in Edmonton (Vancouver Sun)
Headline selected only because, despite the 3-2 win, it ought to have been considered an embarassing night for one particular 2-goal Whitecaps forward.

One paragraph analysis
There can't be many observers of this match that felt good by the end. Neutrals would surely be won over by Edmonton's first half tenacity, a bit of ball luck on their first goal, and the romantic notion of a plucky D2 side knocking off their supposed betters. And make no mistake: Edmonton was running things in the first half and could easily have made it 3-1 at points, though at the cost of a great effort that could not be sustained. Things were different in the second half, as Edmonton boss Colin Miller seemed to have instructed his charges to adopt a more energy efficient and defensive posture. They were bunkering successfully enough until the 80th minute, when Camilo made exactly the sort of reprehensible dive that he has become known for, and that referee Silviu Petrescu bought hook, line, and sinker. Even with the 2-1 lead, Edmonton was never likely to win over two legs. The Camilo penalty took all the wind out of their sails, produced a well-earned tirade and ejection of Miller, and the inevitable late winner but Vancouver caveman Tommy Heinemann. To all but the most blind Vancouver partisan, this was football injustice.

Attendance check: 2,836 at Commonwealth Stadium.

Canadian content report
Russell Teibert carried the flag for Vancouver, while Edmonton produced a total of 7 Canadian starters and subs, including a debut for newly-minted Canadian Mallan Roberts.

Russell Teibert90
Total Mins90

Mallan Roberts90
Edson Edward90
Adrian LeRoy90
Shaun Saiko90
Michael Cox85
Edem Mortotsi31
Sadi Jalali5
Total Mins716

Tommy HeinemannVancouver1
Michael CoxEdmonton1
Chris NurseEdmonton1
Doneil HenryToronto1
Andrew WiedemanToronto1

2013.05.01: Toronto at Montreal 7:45 pm et / 4:45 pm pt
2013.05.01: Edmonton at Vancouver 10:15 pm et / 7:15 pm pt

The contest standings have been updated.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

VCup contest standings, matchday 1

Here's a quick glance at the standings after matchday 1. A few entries had TFC winning 2-0, but the close (and high-scoring) Edmonton-Vancouver result was costly for a lot of people.

Spreadsheet: All prediction entries

1Seth Greenan
2Soka, coxon, Walms, Abou Sky, Mike McGuire, Imma Gonna Ween, PSoNumber9, Grossi
3Lord Bob, latetedefred, Brenton, Jonesy, shermanator, Wince, TheKottonMouthed
4Mowe, Nos, Andrew Bates, shawn_strat, Jake Vendramin, Ivan Drago, Kirk Dobbs, Duane Rollins, StartingEleven, Havelock Howel, Sir Alphonso Applegate, Cormac, M@, kodiaktfc
5Marauder, MulliganL, Stouffvillain, Pej, Casual Soccer Fan, Beat the Limpact, TFCMike P, squadplayer, Wet Coast Wanderers, Duncan Fletcher, Seathanaich, adrenaline11, rob.notenboom, Philip, GoF
6Mr. Impact, Tuscan, Ditty, DelChuck
8Pompey Canuck, mimglow

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Voyageurs Cup: All-time player stats

I've updated a spreadsheet of all players to have taken part in a Voyageurs Cup match in the Canadian Championship era (2008-present). You can have a look at the data using the link below

Some interesting factoids:
  • All-time goals leader in the competition is Dwayne De Rosario with 4
  • Active (in the sense of being a current player on Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, or Edmonton) goals leader is Reggie Lambe (2)
  • All-time minutes leader is Nevio Pizzolitto with 930
  • Active minutes leader is Stefan Frei (810)
  • Adrian Cann, Terry Dunfield, Eddy Sebrango, Zourab Tsiskaridze, Tony Donatelli, Kevin Hatchi, Jeb Brovsky and Alex Surprenant have played in the competition for two different teams.
  • Toronto's Logan Emory is on the books with the fewest minutes of any participating player: 1
Watch the games tomorrow and enter my contest.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Voyageurs Cup pool: 2013 edition

Another year, another contest to predict the outcomes in the matches of the Voyageurs Cup. The corporate moniker is the Amway Canadian Championship, and that is the last you'll hear of that title in this space.

The contest got its start in 2009, won in style by former some canadian guy talking about soccer and now merely some canadian guy squizz. If you're curious how the contest has turned out over the years, consult the following summaries:

  • 2012 (winners: Tuscan and Diego R)
  • 2011 (Free Kick and Casual Soccer Fan)
  • 2010 (Lank)
  • 2009 (squizz)

Here's the important information:

  • Participants will predict the final score of each of the 6 NCC matches in two stages: a) The initial entry must include predictions for the first 4 matches (both legs of each of the two legged ties, then b) Once the finalists are known, an emailed prediction for both legs of the final
  • Total discrepancy from the final score of each match will be tallied. e.g.: If you predicted Toronto 1 - 0 Montreal for the opening fixture, and the final was 2-2, your discrepancy factor would be 3 goals (off by 1 for Toronto, off by 2 for Montreal). Lowest total score over all matches wins.
  • For these two-legged ties, the CSA is applying the away goals rule. If matches go to extra time, the scoreline after 120 minutes is the one that will be used for contest purposes.
  • First tie-breaker will be total number of exact scorelines. Second is total number of correct results (win/draw/loss). Third will be correctly predicting the tournament's high goal scorer.

The lanterne rouge is a cycling term to designate the last-placed finisher in a race. The last-placed finisher will choose a team scarf from one of the tournament teams to be awarded to the winner.

If the number of entries goes beyond 60, a second winner will receive a prize. 100 is the threshold for a third prize.

Or, if you have a company that wants to market to diehard Canadian soccer supporters, get in touch to donate or sponsor a prize.


ll entries must be submitted via email in order for me to be able to solicit your final round picks in a timely fashion once the finalists are known. Any entries left in the comments will not be included; I'll try to contact you to get an emailed response.

Please include the following details in your entry
  • The exact score of each of the first 4 fixtures (in the correct order, please)
  • Your prediction for tournament leading goal scorer.
  • nickname to be displayed on the results page. If none is given, your real name will be used.
To make life easier for me, simply copy/paste the following into your email, and change the XXs into scores.


Nickname: My nickname or real name here
Golden boot: John Doe

I know some email programs will garble the formatting of that table, but don't worry about it, I'll figure it out.

Once the finalists are known, you will receive an email inviting you to submit your second round of picks.

All entries must be emailed to

CONTEST DEADLINE: All entries must be received by 8 pm eastern (kickoff time) on Wednesday 24 April 2013, the day of the opening encounters.

I'm shooting for maximum participation, so if you have a platform for promoting this thing (twitter, blog, semaphore, etc.), I'd appreciate the support that way.